Spotlighting Maharashtra-Based Asian Startups Revolutionizing the Analytics Industry

January 3, 2024

Amid the booming tech scene of Maharashtra, an array of startups have emerged since 2020, innovating within the analytics industry. These companies are swiftly redefining the way data is being used to enhance operations, make informed decisions and gain unique business insights. This article specifically highlights several Maharashtra-based startups who are thriving and diligently working to leave their footprints in the analytics industry.

These startups are not just excelling at their technological prowess, but are also focusing on an array of sectors from Internet marketing, Business Information Systems, Cloud Computing to Agriculture, Media, Entertainment and FinTech. Backed by dynamic founders and robust teams, these companies are the ones to watch out for in the years to come.

Take a closer look at these innovative startups to understand their founding stories, industry involvement, product and service offerings, and how they are altering the analytics landscape.


Chat360 is based in Pune, Maharashtra and provides a multichannel conversational marketing platform to enterprises across the globe. The startup, founded by Shivam Verma and Sunnyraj Agarawal, leverages AI for generating leads, customer interaction, and automated support. The company aims to enhance customer retention and streamline marketing via known platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Google. Feel free to follow them on their social media platforms, on Twitter and Facebook.

Exim Trade Data

Exim Trade Data, based in Mumbai, is a startup that offers extensive global export and import trade data spanning over 60+ countries. The tech company employs data mining and processing techniques to help solve business operations related to export-import. You can check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


Headquartered in Mumbai, Fluidata, an analytics and cloud computing Business Development startup was founded by Akash Amritkar.

The Business Fame

The Business Fame (TBF), a Pune-based startup, is a Business-to-Business (B2B) Magazine platform that provides business insights, analysis and industry trends. This platform also helps businesses advertise their services and products for increasing brand awareness. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

GreenSat Innovation Labs

Founded by Aarush Yadav, Ankesh Toshniwal, Deepak Yadav and Jash Sheth, GreenSat Innovation Labs is a Mumbai-based startup that offers satellite imagery data analytics for precision farming and risk mitigation. Follow them on Twitter.

SR analytics

Founded by Shalin Rabadia, SR analytics is a Pune-based firm that uses data analytics and business intelligence solutions to enhance business decisions. SR analytics provides a myriad of services which help businesses to leverage insights and improve outcomes. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


Zeemetric, founded by Nilesh Kulkarni, provides a cutting-edge platform that makes analytics easy to understand by tracking user behavior, visitor behavior, and web analytics.

Hourly Rooms

Hourly Rooms is an analytics and hospitality startup founded by Umesh Patil in 2021. The Mumbai-based firm aids customers in finding suitable and comfy rooms that fit their budget. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook.

ESG Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Founded by Mithun Suvarna, Ramnath Iyer, Rohit Kodancha, and Suresh Ramani, ESG Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers financial institutions tools for custom assessments in-line with organizational use cases. They follow them on Twitter.

EmbarkingOnVoyage Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Founded by Abhishek Nag and Priya Nag, the Mumbai-based startup EmbarkingOnVoyage Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. works by delivering cost-effective digital and data solutions to Small Businesses, Technology Companies and ISV using AI, ML, and Data Analytics. Follow them on Facebook.

Founded by Ritu Srivastava, Vishal Soni, and Yogesh Sachdeva, is a Mumbai-based customer intelligence platform for e-learning businesses. It improves Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with engagement and emotion analytics. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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