Shenzhen’s Innovative Tech Startups Elevating Guangdong’s Digital Landscape in Asia

January 30, 2024

Shenzhen, Guangdong is a tech-heavy province in China known as China’s Silicon Valley due to the large number of tech firms based here. Shenzhen handsomely provides an ample unabated growth opportunity for startups. In recent years, there has been an influx in the number of startups establishing in this region – each carving a niche for themselves in their respective industries. This article highlights some of the most innovative and fast-emerging startups in Shenzhen that were established in 2020 or later.

The startups we’re featuring range from augmented reality to e-commerce, fitness, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, and everything in between. What’s common among these startups is their innovative use of technology to drive growth and provide superior value to their customers. Here are some of Shenzhen’s startups worth watching:

Whether you are an investor, business owner, tech enthusiast, or stakeholder in the startup ecosystem, these companies should be on your radar as they are poised to shape the future of their respective industries.

INMO Glass

INMO Glass, co-founded by Alfie Lv and Longsheng Yang, is unique in its approach to augmented reality. They have developed foldable, monocular Augmented Reality (AR) glasses which are redefining the AR industry. The innovative tech company is making waves with impressive feedback from users across the globe.

Yunwang Wandian

Jindong Zhang was one of the brains behind the creation of Yunwang Wandian, an eCommerce and online retail service. Yunwang Wandian is a majority-owned subsidiary of, and has captured significant attention within the retail industry for its swift success and growth.


Dalezhuang, led by Hui Liu, has positioned itself as a digital technology integration platform in the sphere of building maintenance and cloud computing. Its innovative approach and impressive products have earned it a place in the startup spotlight.


SPEEDIANCE is making a name for itself in the healthcare and wellness industry. It specializes in developing smart self-serviced gym equipment and an online platform to provide training guidance and courses about strength training.


Coreview is an OLED developer that provides silicon-based OLED IC design, R&D, and manufacturing of OLED microdisplays, specializing in the design and production of silicon-based OLED micro-displays and integrated circuits.

Yitong Technology

Co-founded by Wei Guo, Yitong Technology is a groundbreaking AI integrated platform and intelligent data processing solution provider of no-code modeling automated model. It’s cited as one of the up-and-coming startups due to the impressive solutions it brings to the table.

Shuyun Keji

Shuyun Keji operates within the realms of architecture and smart cities, providing comprehensive digital solutions for buildings and facilities – an area which has a high potential for growth within a tech-driven city like Shenzhen.

Jasmine Milk White

Jasmine Milk White is making its mark in the food and beverage industry, particularly within the field of tea. It’s poised for expansion with its branded tea products gaining increasing prominence.


Shenzhen Mooved Intellishare Technology Co., Ltd. is a home appliance brand enterprise based on the African market, providing high-quality home appliances. It’s one of the few companies exploring the African consumer market, making it one to watch.


LigaAI is pioneering intelligent R&D collaboration platforms, applying AI technology to improve collaboration efficiency and provide services for development teams, enshrining itself as a game-changer in its industry.


Lastly, we have Braincase, a company working in the field of biotechnology, healthcare, and medical research. This startup is adaptable and innovative, becoming increasingly well-known for their chemical and bioserum products.

Each of these startups display a dynamism and innovative spirit that characterizes Shenzhen’s tech scene, driving performance in their respective industries and contributing to Shenzhen’s status as a global tech hub.

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