Seoul Unveiled: 15 Travel Startups Reimagining Your Adventure

July 22, 2023


Seoul, the bustling capital of South Korea, is a city where tradition meets modernity, and this spirit of innovation extends to its thriving startup ecosystem. In this article, we present 15 exciting travel startups based in Seoul that are transforming the way travelers explore, discover, and share their journeys. From personalized travel services to cutting-edge navigation solutions, these startups are redefining the travel experience, making every trip an unforgettable adventure.


Website: WAUG

WAUG is a dynamic tours and activities reservation platform that empowers travelers to curate their dream itineraries, ensuring immersive and memorable experiences.


Website: Tripstore

Tripstore is an O2O platform that simplifies the process of searching for overseas trips, providing seamless travel planning and booking.


Website: tourlive

tourlive offers an audio tour app that takes travelers on a journey through a city’s culture, history, architecture, arts, and people, making sightseeing more enriching.

Alleys Wonderlab, Inc.

Website: Alleys Wonderlab, Inc.

Alleys Wonderlab introduces a novel concept with Crowdsourced Video-driven Navigation, harnessing the collective knowledge of travelers for seamless exploration.

Ventura Sports

Website: Ventura Sports

Ventura Sports is an adrenaline-inducing sports travel platform for thrill-seekers who crave exciting experiences and challenges.

Activity Exchange

Website: Activity Exchange

Activity Exchange develops travel product publishing and reservation management solutions, empowering local travel agencies with advanced technology.


Website: Storicity

Storicity is a storytelling audio guide that immerses travelers in captivating city stories created by experienced journalists and storytellers.


Website: KoreaTravelEasy

KoreaTravelEasy is a one-stop online travel booking platform, simplifying travel arrangements for exploring South Korea’s diverse attractions.



MYGOODLIFE offers a versatile e-commerce platform for unforgettable experiences and travel services, providing travelers with curated adventures.


Website: Goodlugg

Goodlugg streamlines travel with luggage delivery services between hotels and airports, ensuring a hassle-free journey for travelers.


Website: AYOTRIP

AYOTRIP is a digital nomad-founded service catering to travelers worldwide, enhancing their journeys with innovative travel solutions.

Air Philip

Website: Air Philip

Air Philip is a leading South Korean airline service provider, connecting travelers with domestic and international destinations.


Website: TravelMaker

TravelMaker personalizes travel services with big data-based customization technology, crafting tailor-made adventures for every traveler.

Hi Air

Website: Hi Air

Hi Air is a prominent South Korean regional airline, connecting travelers with a range of regional destinations.


Website: EnterDog

EnterDog is an animal travel platform that caters to pet families, making travel experiences pet-friendly and stress-free.


Seoul’s travel startup scene is a treasure trove of innovation, offering travelers a new dimension to their adventures. From personalized travel planning to interactive audio guides, these 15 startups are reimagining the travel experience, making it more enriching, convenient, and enjoyable. As they continue to pioneer breakthrough solutions, the world will be inspired to explore new horizons, making Seoul an epicenter of travel transformation that is truly unforgettable.

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