Unveiling Bangalore’s Rising Software Startups Revolutionizing the Asian landscape

January 30, 2024

The vibrant startup ecosystem in Asia is constantly churning out innovative solutions addressing varied demands across diverse industries. This piece digs deeper into the burgeoning software industry in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, focusing on promising startups with an inception of 2020 or later. The thread common to all these companies is the mission to streamline operations, maximize output, and deliver premium experiences using cutting-edge software technology.

Bangalore, known as the Silicon Valley of India, is a hotbed for technological development and innovation. In recent years, it has witnessed the launch of numerous tech startups that are making a significant impact in their respective domains. Led by ambitious and visionary founders, these startups are leveraging the latest advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to bring about transformative changes across sectors.

Here, we present a curated list of these trail-blazing software startups based in Bangalore, with their in-depth profiles. From catering to the spiritual and devotional needs of Indian users, reshaping farming procedures, to delivering intricate 3D digital reconstructions of real-world environments, these startups provide a glance at the versatility and potential of software in shaping our lives.


Founded by Girish Redekar and Raghuveer Kancherla, Sprinto operates in the Computer Software industry, with a strong angle on Cyber Security and Information Technology. Their ethos lies in incorporating reliable and scalable software solutions. You can check their updates on LinkedIn.


Vegrow, an AgTech startup, is painting a new picture for the farming industry. Founded by Kiran Naik, Mrudhukar Batchu, Praneeth Kumar, and Shobhit Jain, Vegrow seamlessly merges software and agriculture to enhance land utilization. Get connected through their Facebook or LinkedIn page.


Steered by Prashant Sachan, the startup AppsForBharat is catering to the spiritual and devotional needs of Indians through their carefully designed apps. Stay updated with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Cuvette Tech

Cuvette Tech founded by Atul Kumar Singhal and Sudhanshu Kumar Singh, connects companies with a vetted pool of student software developers for internships. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Whether it’s executing interior projects or creating a marketplace, Prolance simplifies processes through its software-based operations. Check their presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Providing SaaS based contract lifecycle management platform, this AI platform SimpliContract is founded by Guru Venkatesan, Jinaraj P G, and Makesh Kumar. For latest insights, visit their LinkedIn page.


Preimage accentuates the real-world environments and assets with its 3D reconstruction platform. Catch their latest updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Coulomb AI

Analyzing battery performances of electric vehicles through software is the forte of Coulomb AI, co-founded by Khushboo Shrivastava and Santanu Mondal. For more, visit their LinkedIn page.


This software-based professional service, BambooBox, led by Ankur Saigal and Divyesh Dixit, is crafting waves in the service industry. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Retail Pulse

Founded by Anshul Gupta and Zaraif Hossain, Retail Pulse is harnessing AI capabilities to generate real-time insights for Kirana stores. Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Marlin AI

Marlin AI, the brainchild of Aditya Singh, is revolutionizing logistics and supply chain management using artificial intelligence and other advanced software solutions. Stay connected via their LinkedIn page.

The future of software definitely seems exciting with such innovative startups on the rise. As they continue to break new ground, it will be intriguing to see the developments they bring to the table. The booming software sector in Bangalore is all set to take the world by storm.


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