Tokyo’s Innovative Information Services Startups Revolutionizing Asia’s Digital Landscape

January 30, 2024

Asia, especially Tokyo, has been a vibrant hub for technology and innovation, especially for startups in the Information Services industry. 2020 and beyond, saw an influx of these innovative startups focusing on diverse sectors from health care to virtual reality, harnessing the power of information to offer unique and value-driven solutions. These startups not only bring innovative ideas to life but also push the boundaries of how traditionally distinct industries can utilize information for immense benefits.

Let’s take a look at some notable new startups that have garnered attention not only in Tokyo but also across the tech world. Combining their innovative thinking with technology, these startups are revolutionizing different industry sectors and setting new benchmarks for growth and development.

Here are some Information Services industry startups from Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan with an inception of 2020 or later, illustrating their distinct solutions, services and, concepts.

Medical Force

Medical Force is a Tokyo-based startup operating in the Health Care and Information Services sectors. They develop and provide business management tools for free medical clinics such as cosmetic surgery and dermatology, simplifying complex site-specific tasks. This allows clinics to focus more on providing top-notch healthcare to patients. Visit their website here and LinkedIn page here.

Intellectual Property Encyclopedia

The Intellectual Property Encyclopedia operates in the Information Services sector and focuses on Business Development, Consulting, Events and Intellectual Property. Their mission and services can be found by visiting their website here and their Facebook page here.


WASD operates in the Apps and Cloud Computing sector in addition to Information Services. They are one of the many startups coming out of Tokyo. To learn more about the company, you can visit their website here.


Founded by Sae Hyung Jung, oVice provides a virtual spatial platform, allowing people to connect online as avatars. It finds its application as a remote office, event venue, academic conference hall, or even a party space. A unique online communication solution courtesy of a Tokyo based startup. Visit their website here, their Facebook page here, and their LinkedIn page here.


Beatrust is a platform that encourages employee engagement and aims to drive innovation. Founded by Kunio Hara and Masato Kume in 2020, this Tokyo-based startup offers an excellent tool for companies to enhance their employee connections. Visit their website here, their Facebook page here, and their LinkedIn here.


FrontierTech is a Tokyo-based startup offering solutions in the Information Technology and Software industry. Find more about them on their website here, and visit their Facebook page here.


IGP X is a Consulting, Information Services based startup in Tokyo. You can learn more about them by visiting their website here.


TradeWaltz is a Tokyo-based Information Services startup that utilizes blockchain technology to streamline trade transactions, providing a platform that maximizes the efficiency of administrative operations. Visit their website here.


Seculia combines Consulting, Information Services, and Security to ensure the technology you use is safe. The Tokyo-based company can be found here.


Taxtech is a startup operating in Accounting, Cloud Data Services, and Financial Services alongside Information Services from Tokyo. You can find more about them by visiting their website here.

EFG Technologies

Founded by Tsuyoshi Nagamine, EFG Technologies is a Tokyo-based startup specializing in Information Technology, Productivity Tools, SaaS, and Software. They strive to redefine the concept of productivity with advanced technical solutions. Visit their website here, their Facebook page here, and their LinkedIn page here.

The landscape of Information Services startups in Tokyo is vast and volatile. This compilation scratches the surface, showcasing a selection of innovative startups operating in Tokyo, emblematic of Japan’s vibrant tech scene.

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