Spotlight on Delhi-Based Analytics Startups Revolutionizing Asia’s Data Landscape

January 4, 2024

Asia has always been a hub for technological advancements and entrepreneurial ventures. Delhi, the heart of India, has seen a rapid surge of startups in recent years, particularly in the field of analytics. This fast-growing industry has been significantly reshaping the various sectors such as business intelligence, IT, market research, data integration, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to name a few. Now, let’s delve into the exciting world of some recent startups, founded in or after 2020, that are making waves in the analytics industry.

Their presence indicates a significant shift towards data-driven decision making, leveraging analytics for strategic insights. Amidst the pandemic, these startups have continued to thrive and scale their success. Their revolutionary ideas and robust technological capabilities have ushered a new era of Analytics in India.

Discover each of these companies and their unique offerings. Learn about the founders who have made it their mission to leverage the power of analytics for diverse industries. Their innovative approaches are not just contributing to the analytics industry but also bolstering Delhi’s position as a startup epicenter.


Headquartered in New Delhi, Easyinsights operates in the realm of Analytics, Business Intelligence, Information Technology, and Marketing Automation. Though specific details about the founders are not available, the organization has made a substantial impact in its area of expertise. Connect with Easyinsights on their Facebook, LinkedIn and follow them on @easy_insights.

Krimans Research

Krimans Research is based in New Delhi, specializing in Analytics, Information Technology, and Market Research. The company offers research solutions to support innovation and manage procedures in the statistical market research industry. Their web-based study programming and facilitation include respondent panels from different domains, including B2B, customers, social insurance experts, IT, and adolescents. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn to know more about them.


Another Delhi-based startup, known as FutureAnalytica, is a pioneer in the fields of Analytics, Data Integration, and Information Technology. More information about its founders and operations is anticipated. Catch up with FutureAnalytica on their Facebook, LinkedIn profiles and follow them on Twitter @AnalyticaFuture.

Biz-Tech Analytics

Located in New Delhi, Biz-Tech Analytics excels in the analytics field, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Machine Learning. Despite limited information on the founders, they have prominently made their mark within the industry. To know more about them, visit their LinkedIn page.

Investors DataHub

Investors DataHub serves a unique niche in the analytics industry with its People-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. Based in Delhi, it extends its services to Big Data, Content Discovery, Database, Email Marketing, Internet, Lead Generation, Market Research, and Software. The in-house research team curates an updated database of investors, and it’s a part of Reach Glocal Research & Consultants. Check out their LinkedIn page for more insights.


Co-founded by Divyanshu Sharma, Kamlesh Sharma, and Ujjwal Parwal, RationalStat is a market research firm located in New Delhi. The company offers comprehensive research reports and industry trackers across various industries, assisting businesses in accelerating their growth strategy. Connect with RationalStat on their LinkedIn page for more updates.

As we continue to witness the surge in Delhi’s analytics startups, it’s pretty clear that data and analytics play a transformative role across industries. These startups embody the spirit of innovation-driven entrepreneurship in India. We anticipate that they will continue to drive growth, supersede expectations and redefine the realm of possibilities for the Analytics industry in Asia.

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