Revolutionary Advertising Startups Blossoming in Asia’s West Bengal Region

January 3, 2024

Asia has been a hotbed for startups in recent years, with entrepreneurs from across the continent establishing ventures in a multitude of industries. One rising sector that has seen notable development in Asia is the advertising industry, as startups harness innovative technologies and digital trends to revolutionize traditional advertising norms and approaches. This article will spotlight some of the most exciting startup companies on the rise in the advertising industry whose headquarter is located within West Bengal and have been recently launched in 2020 or later.

The current boom in digital technology and the proliferation of online platforms for interaction and transaction have led to a burgeoning advertising industry in Asia. This has been particularly pronounced in West Bengal, where startups are leveraging local talent and resources to develop innovative solutions and services that address diverse industry needs and challenges.

The companies showcased today, all incepted in 2020 or later, cover a wide spectrum of the advertising industry. They include players offering digital marketing solutions, multimedia production, social media marketing, content management, e-commerce solutions, and more, transforming West Bengal into a vibrant hub for the future of the Asian advertising industry. We invite you to explore the following West Bengal advertising startups:

N-Clicks Studio

Founded by Shreeja Chakraborty and Sumitava Saha, N-Clicks Studio is a multidisciplinary consulting firm providing digital branding, social media marketing, content writing and management, and visual production services. Based in Kolkata, the company is focused on advertising and customer services. Connect with N-Clicks Studio on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Online Marketing Guru

Providing digital marketing solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, The Online Marketing Guru is a rising star in Kolkata’s advertising industry. Its services range from content management and SEO to SEM and social media marketing. Stay up to date with The Online Marketing Guru on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Time2Digital Media

Known for its forward-thinking and innovative approach to media and marketing, Time2Digital Media is driven by a team of young entrepreneurs and experts committed to a better future. The game-changer company provides services that integrate technology and advertising strategies. Follow Time2Digital Media on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Dezignoo, founded by Abhirup Dev, offers a range of digital marketing services including SEO, web design, video editing, and more. Based in Barasat, they leverage creativity and technology to deliver outstanding results. You can connect with Dezignoo on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Digital Mitro

Digital Mitro is a top digital marketing agency in Kolkata renowned for delivering ROI-focused services. From SEO and SMO to PPC and content management, they offer a comprehensive package of digital services to help businesses grow their online presence. Follow Digital Mitro on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Aniket Das, Slogan is a dynamic digital marketing agency that helps businesses harness digital media marketing and automation. They specialize in growth hacking and performance marketing.


With 50+ in-house marketing experts, DigiBrood, founded by Krishnendu Das, offers affordable, complete digital marketing solutions. They serve an extensive client base with services such as website designing, mobile app development, e-commerce marketing, and more. Connect with DigiBrood on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Digital Griho

Digital Griho offers comprehensive digital marketing services including social media marketing, SEO, video marketing, paid advertisement, and website designing. Follow Digital Griho on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Digitech Solutionz

Founded by Piyali M Roy, Digitech Solutionz offers digital solutions from website design, e-commerce solutions, and app design to social media marketing and graphic designing. Connect with Digitech Solutionz on Facebook and LinkedIn.

News Coverage Agency

Focusing on advertising and marketing, News Coverage Agency, founded by Samiran Mondal, provides news-related services. Connect with News Coverage Agency on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Macro Webber

Based in Siliguri, West Bengal, Macro Webber, founded by Sumeet Mukherjee, is a full-scale digital marketing agency offering creative solutions and growth strategies for clients. Follow Macro Webber on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

These startups are testament to the thriving dynamism of the advertising industry in West Bengal and the broader Asian region. These companies are driving ground-breaking practices utilizing digital tools in innovative and pioneering ways, and in doing so, are shaping the future of advertising.

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