Exploring New Delhi’s Booming E-Commerce Startups Revolutionising Asian Trade

January 30, 2024

Asia has always been a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship with countless startups sprouting in every corner. However, in recent years, there’s been a significant growth in startups originating from New Delhi, Delhi, India. This city, known for its cultural richness and historical significance, is also making its name in the world of technology and e-commerce. Founded in or after 2020, these startups have proven that despite the trials posed by the pandemic, they’re set to change the landscape of e-commerce.

Focusing on varied industries—from agriculture, automotive, digital marketing, to fashion—these startups offer fresh, ingenious solutions catering to the ever-evolving consumer preferences. These enterprising businesses are venturing into uncharted territories, breaking down barriers, and completely altering how we perceive and participate in e-commerce activities.

Forming an integral part of the thriving startup ecosystem in New Delhi, these companies were quick to adapt to the new normal. Leveraging advanced technologies and embracing digital transformation, they continue to overcome challenges and propel forward. Let’s dive in and learn more about these promising startups and their contributions to the e-commerce industry.


In the junction of agriculture and e-commerce, Poshn offers a seamless platform for wholesale buyers and sellers. From price discovery, online trading, logistics assistance, to flexible payments, Poshn ensures an efficient wholesale trading experience. You can follow them on their LinkedIn Page.


For automotive needs, TyrePlex is the perfect e-commerce platform. It fosters the digital presence of independent multi-brand tire dealers and assist in managing physical stores. Tyreplex is propsed by Jiveshwar Sharma, Nikhil Kalra, Puneet Bhaskar, and Rupendra Pratap Singh. Engage with them through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Gobillion promises a social e-commerce experience with its groundbreaking “Team Buy” model. Initiated by Roshan Farhan, this startup changes how people shop online. Stay updated by following them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or their Twitter handle @gobillionapp.


BigShip is an innovative e-commerce business that offers comprehensive solutions for e-commerce business needs. Providing a top-notch shipping experience for various seller categories, BigShip is an essential tool for any e-commerce business. Connect with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

CSC Grameen eStore

With the goal of promoting digital ordering and safe delivery, CSC Grameen eStore is pioneering a unique e-commerce venture. They provide a variety of consumer goods that can be safely delivered right to your doorstep. Check them out on Facebook.

Glowzone Professional

Catering to the beauty and cosmetics industry, Glowzone Professional founded by Sagar Shukla, offers a safe and convenient platform to shop for cosmetics instantly.


For Shopify businesses, Glood.AI is an innovative Personalization and Marketing Platform aimed to increase store revenue. Co-founded by Dhruv Parmar and Harshul Jain, Glood.AI offers smart, behavior-based tools for improved conversion rates. Stay connected on LinkedIn.

Arre Bro

Arre Bro, the brainchild of Akhilesh Saurabh and Shahroz Ahmad, is a fashion-forward business offering aesthetic, minimal apparels for millennials and Gen Zs. Offering high-quality products at factory prices, Arre Bro is definitely an e-commerce site to look out for. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Aiming to integrate Internet Marketing with web development, SEO, Digital marketing, and web design, Anlitiqs offers great resources for businesses seeking to establish a solid online presence. Connect with them on their Facebook page.


Specially designed for smartphone and gadget lovers, BUYBACKART provides a platform for selling used gadgets at attractive prices. It’s also an avenue for those who want to acquire high-end gadgets while sticking to a budget.


Regarded as a new age digital marketing and web development company, DigitalZeg is more than equipped to design lucrative online marketing strategies perfectly suited for your brand’s needs. Check their online presence on LinkedIn.

New Delhi, crunching under the weight of its historical significance, has donned the entrepreneurial hat and emerged as a city of prolific startups. As these start-ups forge ahead, striving to leave their indelible marks in the e-commerce industry, we eagerly await the further innovations and groundbreaking ideas they promise to deliver.

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