Exploring India’s Rising Stars in Asia’s 3D Technology Startup Scene

January 3, 2024

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As Asia continues to embrace technological advancements, India has become a hub for startups specializing in 3D technology. Since 2020, several such startups have emerged, offering a range of services from software development, gaming, and animation to digital remote experiences. Here’s a closer look at some of these innovative companies.

These startups leverage the cutting-edge 3D technology to provide a wide range of products and services across a diverse array of industries. Whether it is architectural design, gaming, virtual reality, digitization or industry-specific applications, these startups are transforming the way businesses operate.

Let’s take a look at these impressive companies, who are reshaping Indian technological landscape with their innovative offerings.


Located in Bangalore, Karnataka, Preimage operates in the 3D Technology, Computer Vision, Software, Video Games, and Virtual Reality industries. This platform utilizes photos to create 3D digital twins of real-world environments and assets. The platform promises fast, scalable, and integrable 3D reconstruction services.

Incredimate Studio

Incredimate Studio, based in Mohali, Punjab, offers a wide array of services including 3D Technology, Animation, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Gaming, Digital Marketing, and more. Providing services for businesses of all sizes, they excel in creating projects in various formats including 3D, 2D, gameplay videos, logo reveals and more. Founder Pradeep Kumar leads this dynamic and creative team.

Almond Solutions

With headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, Almond Solutions caters to the B2B, Internet, Software, and Virtual World industry. The company’s stand-out product, Almond Virtex, is a mobile-first and metaverse-ready platform providing top-notch digital experiences, helping brands transition their physical engagements into digital and metaverse platforms.


Based in Bangalore, Karnataka, Cope.Studio leverages 3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Software and Virtual Reality, to build a platform for the creation of successful products for the Metaverse. Founded by Arjun Ajith and Vaibhav Sharma, Cope.Studio is committed to creating unique digital world experiences.


Located in Kolkata, West Bengal, Abcence offers IT services and consulting in industries such as insurance, banking, capital markets, and retail. Led by founder Md Anan Islam, Abcence excels in serving clients with comprehensive IT solutions and innovative software services.

Asvin Tech

Asvin Tech, based in Patna, Orissa, offers cost-effective, AI-powered intraoral dental 3D scanners to dentists, addressing the high price point issue of the conventional dental equipment in developing countries. Founds by Dilip Kumar Sharma and Satwik Priyadarshi,

Jass Network

Jass Network is India’s own social media platform, allowing people to connect, share, chat, call and discover a variety of other features. Founded by Archana Singh, Rajnikant Singh and Suryansh Singh, this Muzaffarpur-based company has made significant strides in the social networking space.

Riyadvi Software Technologies

Riyadvi Software Technologies is a notable company based in Mylapore, Tamil Nadu, providing a range of services such as web development, app development, virtual reality, and game development services, with a focus on customer satisfaction and innovation.


Based in Udaipur City, Rajasthan, UdrArchitect is transforming the architectural industry utilizing a range of technologies including 3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and more. Co-founded by Priya Suthar and Pushkar Suthar, UdrArchitect is the future of architecture and planning.


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