Highlighting Hong Kong’s Pioneering Advertising Startups Revolutionizing Asian Market

January 3, 2024

The city of Hong Kong, renowned as a bustling hub of innovation and business, has seen a surge of promising startups in recent years. Particularly in the advertising industry, companies conceptualized as recently as last year are already making their mark. This article illuminates eight such startups, providing an overview of their mission, operations and digital presence.

These firms exemplify Hong Kong’s thriving entrepreneurship culture that encourages out-of-the-box thinking and welcomes fresh ideas. They also represent the city’s positioning as a digitally-savvy ecosystem of companies pushing the boundaries of consumer experience in advertising.

Let’s delve into the landscape of these startups, exploring their contribution to the advertising industry and how they are revolutionizing traditional ad spaces with their innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology.


Based in Hong Kong Island, RH-Software specializes in the shape of advertising, information technology, web design, and mobile applications. The company merges these disciplines to create comprehensive digital solutions for businesses. A testament to the vibrant digital scene in Hong Kong, RH-Software creatively integrates various platforms to take advertising to the next level.

Holaa Digital

Founded by Tammy Foo, Holaa Digital has established itself as a multi-faceted company in the fields of advertising, content, creative agency, digital marketing, and social media management. Offering a wide array of services all under one roof, Holaa Digital is testament to the versatility required in today’s dynamic business environment.


ShopListing, a fast-growing startup in Hong Kong Island, is a bustling online marketplace. The platform connects customers with the latest deals, coupons and promotions. ShopListing’s innovative approach allows for the efficient exchange of information, providing great value to consumers while helping local merchants flourish.


Nejari, founded by Joseph Kim, is forging the digital future of advertising in shopping malls. The company collects, processes and monetizes shopper data, providing crucial insights to retailers. Currently exploring further opportunities, Nejari demonstrates a keen eye for innovation.


Another brainchild of Joseph Kim, Kollect is a tech platform streamlining food takeaways and end-to-end customer engagement. Kollect marks its presence in a multitude of sectors including local advertising and mobile advertising enhancing the F&B operator marketing experience through technology.


Spendsy, operating in Hong Kong Island, combines the power of advertising, information technology, marketing, retail, and software to devise innovative solutions. The company is driven by its goal to revolutionize the traditional methods of consumer interaction and build new relationships in the advertising space.


Founded by Joseph Yuen, Swapifly is a classified online marketplace based in Hong Kong. The platform primarily focuses on luxury resale and employs cutting-edge technology like AI and big data for listing competitiveness, consumer modeling and loyalty rewards. Also embarking on the path of integrating metaverse exchange with the physical world using blockchain technology, Swapifly is truly a pioneer in the ad industry.

These promising startups, only just beginning their journey in the business world, are already carving their niche in the industry. Each one represents the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of Hong Kong and its potential as a fertile ground for startups. As they continue their forward march, they will undoubtedly contribute to shaping the future of the advertising industry in Asia.

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