Exploring Andhra Pradesh’s Fresh Asian Startups Revolutionizing Advertising Industry

January 3, 2024

Advertising is a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry. Technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and various macro-economic factors continually shape this industry. In line with this, today’s businesses, especially startups, are seeking innovation in advertising practices to heighten their reach and appeal. This article will explore some groundbreaking startups in the advertising industry, notably incorporated in 2020 or later, located in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh, an Indian state known for its rich culture and heritage, is briskly transforming into a new startup hub. This transformation can be largely attributed to the government’s initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, the availability of a skilled workforce, the collaboration of tech giants, and a young, vibrant crowd. Today’s focus is on those companies that have begun their journey in the challenging year of 2020 or after and are operating chiefly in the advertising realm.

Read on to learn about these startup companies that are pioneering innovative solutions in advertising, making a significant impact with their unique ideas, strategies, and technological advancements. The resilience, creativity, and dedication these startups exude are indeed laudable.


Founded by Zaid Ahmed, Intentify is among the fastest-growing digital advertising agencies in South Asia, specializing in promoting brands through paid media strategies, notably influencer marketing & PPC. The array of services provided by Intentify range from web design and branding to creating sales funnel using multimedia. Find more about them on their social media handles: @intentifymedia on Twitter, Intentify Media on Facebook and Intentify on LinkedIn.

Adverx Media

Adverx Media, founded by Ankit Mohapatra, is a technology-driven digital marketing agency offering holistic digital services in web development, digital marketing, and mobile apps. Check them out on @AdverxMedia on Twitter, Adverx on Facebook and Adverx on Linkedin.

Ticket Factory

Ticket Factory, founded by Akhilesh Vardhan, is a movie marketing agency and film production company based in South India, striving to revolutionize the way movies and brands communicate with their audience. Follow their journey on @Ticket_Factory on Twitter, Ticket Factory on Facebook and Ticket Factory on Linkedin.

Enozi Digital Marketing Agency

Enozi integrates creativity and technical skills with strategic planning to achieve your business goals and unify digital marketing tactics. You can see what they’re up to on Enozi Digital Marketing Agency on Facebook and Enozi on Linkedin.

Lotus Digital

Lotus Digital is a comprehensive digital marketing agency based out of Hyderabad, India. They assist their clients with web development, SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, media buying solutions, and more. Connect with them on @LotusDigtal on Twitter, Lotus Digital on Facebook, and Lotus Digital on Linkedin.

Digital Intellects

Digital Intellects is a new generation eCommerce solution, platforming all the technology and talent needed for small business owners to start, market & manage their eCommerce businesses. Join their successful journey on Digital Intellects on Facebook and Digital Intellects on Linkedin.

Azioes Technologies

Azioes Technologies is a top-notch digital marketing & software development company in Hyderabad. Their adept digital marketers promise growth and success to any business with their tested and proven digital marketing strategies. Explore their world on @azioes on Twitter, Azioes Technologies on Facebook, and Azioes Technologies on Linkedin.


IPSUMA MEDIA SERVICES is driven by the sole goal to create brands or rediscover the spark of existing brands. They help brands overcome marketing challenges with their expertise. Find them on @ipsuma_media on Twitter, IPSUMA MEDIA SERVICES on Facebook, and IPSUMA MEDIA SERVICES on Linkedin.

Brand N Digital (OPC) PVT LTD

Brand N Digital is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm with solid expertise in business management, marketing, and technology. It is founded by Col Anil Kumar NR (Retd), an alumnus of IIM Lucknow and IIM Indore. Know more about their work on @brand_n_digital?lang=en on Twitter, Brand N Digital on Facebook, and Brand N Digital on Linkedin.


Exchanz, owned by Karthick Gangavarapu, is a one-stop platform for all exchange offers and classifieds. Their goal is to be the world’s largest online marketplace platform for the exchange of reusable goods & services. Check them out on Exchanz on Facebook a, and on Exchanz on Linkedin.

White Media House

White Media House is a thriving start-up in the advertising field. You can know more about their creations and innovations by visiting White Media House on Facebook or White Media House on Linkedin.

The bold steps these startups have taken within a short duration is commendable, and their impact on the industry is undeniable. It is clear that Andhra Pradesh is transforming into a breeding ground for leading-edge startups, especially in the advertising industry. These startups are leveraging innovation and technology, creating new paradigms in the advertising space which is worth watching out for.

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