Emerging Chinese Startups Revolutionising Asia’s 3D Technology Landscape

January 3, 2024

Asia, particularly China, is surging ahead as the hotbed of technology startups. With rapid tech advancements, a burgeoning tech-savvy population, and strong government support, startups with unique technological capabilities are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Stretching the capability horizon, let’s highlight some of the most promising startups in the 3D Technology domain, incorporated in 2020 or afterwards, and operating from the mainland.

These companies are not only making pioneering strides in 3D Technology, but they are also creating solutions to address some of the most bitter challenges faced by various sectors. Let’s examine them in more detail, with each company getting its own well-deserved focus.

Each of these companies are not only pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, but utilizing 3D tech to usher an era of seamless and efficient processes across multiple industries.


Located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, Seehi specializes in 3D vision Technology and Artificial Intelligence. They cater to different industries by offering 3D vision technology and solutions for customers in financial payment, consumer electronics, new retail, and several other industries.

Graphics Origin

Graphics Origin is Beijing-based startup, focusing on 3D technology, graphic design, and motion capture. This graphics technology company is concentrating on providing advanced productivity tools for 3D content creation to diverse industry verticals.

Zesen Technology

Zesen Technology, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, has been carving its niche in 3D technology since its inception in September 2020. The company offers a centralized operation of the whole process of 3D content generation software and aims to create a physical simulation platform that supports students, geeks, creative workers, and scientific researchers.

Yunyao Shenwei

Yunyao Shenwei is a 3D Printing Technology startup based in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. Their comprehensive offerings including 3D technology and hardware solutions have been well received by consumers and businesses alike.

Tiaoyue Intelligent

Based in Changyang, Beijing, China, Tiaoyue Intelligent operates in the domains of 3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Marketing. They have been developing cutting-edge solutions that leverage the transformative power of 3D technology.

PhiGent Robotics

Fathered by Dalong Du, PhiGent Robotics, a Beijing-based startup, is into autonomous driving solutions. PhiGent combines the power of 3D technology with artificial intelligence for the most advanced autonomous vehicle capabilities.


Builtopia, located in Shanghai, provides a platform for consultancies specializing in 3D Technology, Graphic Design and Information Services. Its primary aim is to use web-based 3D computer graphics technology to create a 3D space creation tool for the virtual world.

Despite being relatively new, these companies have demonstrated their commitment to harnessing the potential of 3D technology to offer innovative solutions. These startups embody the dynamic startup landscape in China and are exemplars for other budding entrepreneurs in the region.

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