Emerging Bangalore-based Analytics Startups Revolutionizing Asia’s Data Landscape

January 3, 2024

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is home to numerous startups sprouting every year. The city, vibrant in its technological culture, has become a hub boasting a plethora of young and ambitious startups specializing in varied sectors. This article is a spotlight on startups established in or after 2020, operating in the Analytics industry and headquartered in Bangalore. We delve into their functions, specialisations, and visions to give you an insight into their operations.

A mix of seasoned entrepreneurs and fresh minds, these startups are transforming the way businesses use data. From predictive analytics in electric vehicles to data solutions in healthcare, the accomplishments of these startups are considerable. Despite being relatively new, these innovators have made their mark in the industry. Their ground-breaking innovations in analytics have set high standards, rendering them noteworthy within the startup scene.

These startups have extensively used data science, AI, and ML technologies to create sophisticated analytics platforms. Their ingenuity in tackling complex problems and delivering business-focused solutions has earned them recognition in the startup world. Here’s a closer look at these promising startups and how they’re redefining the industry.

Coulomb AI

Developing predictive battery analytics software for electric vehicles,
Coulomb AI stands out in the analytics industry. Founded by Khushboo Shrivastava and Santanu Mondal, Coulomb AI aims to significantly boost battery performance and extend battery lifespan. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence techniques, they have managed to simplify the complex world of electric vehicles and batteries. Connect with Coulomb AI on LinkedIn.


Leadfriday, headquartered in Bangalore, is a notable name in the analytics industry. They provide solutions and insights conjoining business information systems and databases. Stay updated with Leadfriday on LinkedIn.

IHX Private Limited

Transforming digital healthcare data platforms, IHX Private Limited is a startup led by Ambuj Kashyap and Mahesh Nagaraj. IHX, with its products, is empowering hospitals, payers, diagnostic labs to become better informed, agile, reliable, and competitive. The solutions they provide strive to make healthcare more available, affordable, and predictable. Connect with the team on LinkedIn.


Ankit Gala, Dharin Parekh, and Shharrnam Chhatpar co-founded AnalyticsVerse, an analytics startup with SaaS solutions. AnalyticsVerse increases the visibility of engineering teams, eliminates blockers and accelerates the delivery of better products by providing actionable insights into team performance and process optimizations. Follow AnalyticsVerse’s journey on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Ingenicx, a startup providing analytics solutions, consulting services, and technical support, is a reliable player in the Bangalore analytics startup scene. Stay connected with Ingenicx on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Arus Info

Arus Info operates in the analytics industry with a primary focus on consulting and information technology. Find more about Arus Info on LinkedIn.


AnaStrat has made a mark in the analytics industry by providing key analytics and insights to traders in Stocks and FinTech. Enhancing trading performance has been the company’s prime focus. Get to know more about AnaStrat on LinkedIn.


InnerInsight.io is an observability platform with the motto of “One stop for all the customer observability needs”. They work on structuring, collecting, aggregating, storing, indexing and analysing data used for dashboarding and alerting. InnerInsight.io’s accomplishments can be viewed on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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