Spotlight on Innovative Hong Kong-based Advertising Startups in Asia

January 3, 2024

The Asian entrepreneurial scene is vibrant and ever-evolving, with Hong Kong being a key city in the innovation ecosystem. This bustling metropolis, renowned for its business-friendly environment, has witnessed the inception of a few remarkable startups in recent years. A particular industry where Hong Kong’s startups have demonstrated impressive growth is advertising. Here, we will introduce some of the most compelling startups that began their journey in 2020 or later, in the advertising sector.

These startups exemplify the region’s innovative prowess and present a new wave of digital advertising solutions. The range of these startups is broad, encompassing various industries such as information technology, digital marketing, e-commerce, and more. Using innovative technologies and unique customer-centric approaches, they are redefining the future of advertising in the Asian market.

Let’s delve into these startups and explore how they are transforming the advertising landscape in Asia, starting from the heart of business dynamism – Hong Kong.


RH-Software is a Hong Kong-based startup operating in the Advertising, Information Technology, Mobile, and Web Design fields. Despite the lack of available information about its founders or detailed company description, RH-Software remains committed to providing quality services in its industry. Follow them on Twitter,Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Holaa Digital

Co-founded by Tammy Foo, Holaa Digital offers services in advertising, content creation, and social media management, among others. Despite not having a lot of information regarding its founders and company description, this startup is setting its mark in the advertising industry. To keep up with them, check out their LinkedIn page.


ShopListing is an online marketplace that connects customers with merchants, providing the latest deals, coupons, and promotions. They aim to provide the best price information to local customers while enabling local businesses to promote their services and products more effectively.


Co-founded by Joseph Kim, nejari is building digital advertising ecosystems in malls. Their business model helps shopping malls collect, process, and monetize shopper data. Check out the company’s updates and pivot exploration on their LinkedIn page.


Joseph Kim also co-founded Kollect, a tech platform enabling seamless food takeaways, end-to-end customer engagement, and F&B operator marketing. They focus on O2O retail tech, hyperlocal food discovery, and marketing and operations enablement through technology. Stay updated with Kollect’s news on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Spendsy is a startup company operating in the advertising, information technology, marketing, retail, and software sectors. Despite not having much information available about its founders or comprehensive company description, they remain resolute in their operations. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Joseph Yuen co-founded Swapifly, a Hong Kong-based classified online marketplace primarily focusing on rare and luxury resale. This diverse platform leverages A.I., big data, and blockchain technology and aims to expand into the metaverse exchange. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

These startups are spearheading Hong Kong’s vibrant and fast-paced advertising industry. Their innovative strategies and approaches herald a transformative future for the advertising sector in Asia. Stay tuned to explore more groundbreaking startups from other exciting industries in Asia.

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