AgTech Innovation: Exploring Asian-Australian Startups Revolutionising Agriculture

January 3, 2024

Welcome to another edition of startup spotting at Beststartup Asia. In this series, we delve into the up-and-coming startups blossoming in the Asian AgTech industry. From boosting farming capabilities to paving the path towards eco-friendly solutions, these companies carry innovative agendas that promise to revolutionise the agricultural sector. With a focus on startups established in 2020 onward, all headquarters located in Australia, let’s uncover these rising stars of AgTech.

Australia, known for its robust agricultural sector, has become a thrilling playground for AgTech innovation. Startups have found fertile ground to grow in the vast farmlands of the continent, leveraging Australia’s strong farming culture to create innovative solutions that can tackle both local and global agricultural challenges. Today, we’ll be presenting startups that have managed to stand out in this competitive landscape, their creative solutions making waves in the AgTech Industry.

These startups offer a range of products and services, from risk management software and machine learning models to remote sensor technologies and digital trading platforms. While they function within varied realms of the AgTech industry, their shared goal is to positively impact the future of farming and make agricultural practices more efficient, productive, and sustainable. Let’s get to know them:


Located in Alexandria, New South Wales, ExoFlare is a powerhouse in the AgTech, Information Technology, and Risk Management industries. Founded by Chris Aitken, the company provides cutting-edge software solutions to advance these fields. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates.


Situated in Sydney, New South Wales, AgWe operates at the junction of Agriculture, AgTech and E-commerce. Will Marks spearheads the startup, with a keen mission to revolutionise these industries. Keep track of their progress on Facebook and Linkedin.


Another Sydney-based startup, Octopusbot, blends AgTech with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Founded by Carolina Ferreira and Rodrigo Cortes, the company boasts over 200 models to predict Grain & Oilseed prices, yields, spreads, and more. Stay updated via Twitter and LinkedIn.

Mys Tyler

Operational in multiple industries including AgTech, Mys Tyler is headed by Sarah Neill. Located in Sydney, New South Wales, Mys Tyler champions body-relevant fashion content. Follow their progress on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Located in Melbourne, Victoria, Farmo provides cost-effective sensor solutions for remote monitoring and control of agricultural activities. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Inauro, founded by Angus Kennard and Craig Kesby, provides real-time data fusion, particularly in the AgTech sector. Based in Neutral Bay, New South Wales, stay updated by following them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Brisbane-based AMFOR aims to reduce pollution caused by agriculture practices by integrating microorganisms into conventional mineral fertilizers. The startup was initiated by Serge Kovalev.


Nurcha, founded by Edward Laurence, operates in the AgTech, Internet of Things, and Software sectors. Follow this Melbourne-based startup on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


This Sydney-based startup provides tools for farmers and merchants to trade agricultural commodities. Yarta has certainly made its mark in the AgTech and Finance sectors.

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