Powerful Tips for Cooking & Shopping Safely and Conveniently from Home

April 21, 2022

Jakarta, April 21st, 2022 – Staying productive in a pandemic situation like this is no longer impossible for those of us who have a lot of activities. Moreover, sometimes we still see that cooking, looking for recipes, and shopping for cooking ingredients are troublesome activities.

Cooking is one of the hottest trends on social media such as Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Many cooking ideas have sprung up and went viral on social media during the pandemic. Starting from Dalgona coffee, dessert boxes, Korean garlic bread, and Mentai rice. This is because activities that are all “at home” often make people bored, so they try them. Even now, cooking by some people has become self-healing.

Finding cooking ideas is often a hassle, especially shopping to complete the needs of cooking ingredients. Because you have to stop by from one store to another if there is an item you want that is empty. To meet people’s needs, Mycoplan as an application for buying and selling cooking needs, comes with features that help people not only shop for cooking needs but also find cooking ideas. Among them are recipe features that make it easy for everyone to find cooking ideas from various levels of easy, medium, and complex difficulty; a cooking planner that helps to schedule cooking ideas for each day; and most importantly, the ease of meeting the needs of food, vegetables, and fresh side dishes.

Kirana Witari Syafi’i, Business Development Mycoplan said, “Cooking activities in the community must be one of the main needs in daily life because the needs for cooking ingredients used can be controlled, selected, and arranged according to the needs of each family and individual.” To explore this, we present Mycoplan as a practical solution for Mycofren, as Mycoplan loyal friends are called, to find references for daily cooking menu ideas with easy and varied recipes. In addition, we also want to provide a cost-effective and convenient experience through various promos, such as discounts and free shipping from Mycoplan as well as various promos from our merchants and payment partners. With only one application with this service, Mycoplan tries to answer the food needs of the community in a practical and planned way.”

To find out more, let’s look at the five advantages of using the Mycoplan application:

** Stay at home and shop from any location.It’s easy.

It’s easier than ever to fulfill your cooking needs from anywhere. So ordering from home, the office, or anywhere is much easier. Various cooking needs, ranging from fresh fish, vegetables, and fruits to kitchen spices, are readily available at Mycoplan. Just choose an item, checkout, and schedule the delivery of your cooking ingredients with a wide selection of shipping couriers, of course with a free shipping promo. practical and very well planned, right?

** Recipes for cooking inspiration in a variety of styles

Still confused about what to cook for lunch and dinner? Don’t worry, in the Mycoplan application you have provided a variety of easy and economical recipes. As a beginner, those of you who want to develop your cooking skills can take advantage of the Mycoplan Application for various types of recipes that you can try and learn. It’s even more fun because Mycoplan is also accompanied by a service, so you can directly shop online for cooking ingredients from the recipe page. So, you don’t have to bother recording your shopping needs anymore, because Mycoplan is always there to rely on.

** Many Merchants Are Ready to Provide Your Cooking Ingredients!

You don’t want to be confused about looking for a merchant or a shop that directly compliments your cooking needs? Mycoplan comes with various merchants with various categories of cooking needs ranging from meat, vegetables, fruit, fish, and other fresh ingredients. Of course, there is no need to worry because Mycoplan’s merchant locations have reached the Jabodetabek area. Cooking activities are made easier because there are many choices of merchants that are definitely ready to be delivered to you!

** Economical Shopping Plus Time Saving

In addition to being self-healing, cooking can also reduce your monthly expenses. Save even more by shopping on the Mycoplan application, which always has a Rp 20.000 discount and free shipping throughout the year. You’ll get more discounts by using e-wallet payments via ShopeePay, GoPay, or credit cards with discounts of up to 80%.

** Mycoplan’s promos are ready for you to enjoy.

There are many interesting Mycoplan promos available throughout the year, including 3.3, 4.4, and 8.8 with a Rp 20.000 discount and free shipping throughout Jabodetabek.Also use ShoopeePay, GoPay, and BCA credit cards for up to 80% cashback. And many more promos from our various merchants.

Those are the five advantages of shopping on the Mycoplan Application, in addition to providing services that make it easier for you to find recipe ideas and save time searching and shopping online for raw material needs. Cooking activities are now more practical and convenient. Of course, don’t miss Mycoplan’s promos that are ready for you to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Download the Mycoplan application, or visit the mycoplan.id site or Instagram page (@mycoplan)and start learning to cook!

Save more on your cooking and shopping with one simple app from Mycoplan!

About Mycoplan

Mycoplan is an abbreviation of My Cooking Planner. It is a simple app to explore recipe ideas and plan meals while shopping for groceries.

With Mycoplan, which presents various recipes that will become ideas and inspiration, it will be easier for you to plan cooking for your beloved family and friends.

Mycoplan is a special food & food shop that will make it easier for you to shop directly at merchants around you #YukMasakBersama.

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