Unveiling IT Innovations: Akasaka, Tokyo’s Rising Asian Tech Startups

January 30, 2024


The thriving Information Technology (IT) industry in Akasaka, Tokyo welcomes an impressive array of new startups, all established in or after 2020. These tech giants in the making are a testament to Tokyo’s ever-evolving landscape as a hub for cutting-edge technology and digital innovations. From virtual reality, web development, smart privacy solutions, through to digital marketing, these startups are carving their own niche in the world of IT. This article will take a closer look at some of the rising stars in Akasaka’s IT scene.

In this insightful showcase, we will explore the backgrounds, scopes, and visions of nine remarkable startups. These companies have not only found their footing in the burgeoning IT industry but are also making significant strides in their respective specializations. With their headquarters proudly located in Akasaka, they leverage Japan’s advanced IT environment to drive their growth and ensure their place in the future of technology.

From the founders’ dreams to the company’s promises, each startup tells a unique story. They are all committed to leveraging technology for the greater good, innovating in their fields, and providing outstanding products and services. They represent the energetic spirit of Akasaka and, ultimately, the promising future of Tokyo’s tech sector.

V Chuu

Located in Akasaka, V Chuu is a breakthrough startup in the fields of Information Technology, Internet, and Virtual Reality. Despite its recent inception, it’s already making waves in the industry.


Mer brings together business development, information technology, and web development expertise to create innovative solutions. The Akasaka-based startup takes full advantage of technology to drive business growth.

Priv Tech

With its HQ in Akasaka, Priv Tech excels in privacy-focused Information Technology and Internet solutions, setting a high standard for digital security.


TieUps is a distinctive startup specializing in advertising, digital marketing, information technology, and SNS. Their innovative approach to digital strategy sets them apart in the competitive tech industry of Akasaka.

Studio ENTRE

Studio ENTRE is a multi-faceted startup operating in the realms of events, information services, information technology, and music. They are creating a harmonious blend of technology, creativity, and event experience out of their Akasaka home base.

Sendagaya Technology

Sendagaya Technology combines advertising, consulting, digital marketing, and information technology. The Akasaka-based startup embodies Tokyo’s vibrant tech scene in its creative and strategic offerings.


Co-founded by Nobuaki Yasunaga, MIRROR FIT brings together fitness, health care, information technology, and wellness. Hailing from Akasaka, this innovator in the industry provides online fitness services, featuring AI-assisted high-level check forms, game-like exercises, and over 300 different types of on-demand classes.


Orni, based in Akasaka, is a startup early on its journey to altering the landscape of artificial intelligence, image recognition, and information technology. Its pioneering vision has positioned it as a one to watch in Tokyo’s tech scene.

Customer Attraction Cloud

Operating from Akasaka, Customer Attraction Cloud shines in the realms of Cloud Data Services, Information Technology, Lead Management, SEO, and Software. Their comprehensive digital solutions set them apart in Tokyo’s rapidly growing IT sector.


Co-founded by Daisuke Matsumoto, Keisuke Kanno, Louis Nonouchi, and Takayuki Sato, Goooods is playing a leading role in delivering B2B solutions in the Information Technology sector from its base in Akasaka.

NOTE: As the Founders of all companies are not provided, the article does not contain information regarding the founders except “MIRROR FIT” and “Goooods”. And as no description is provided for the companies, brief descriptions are given based on the industries they operate within.

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