Top Ten Clothing Companies In China

January 11, 2023
Top Ten Clothing Companies In China

Exciting new companies are making the Chinese fashion and clothing world one of Asia’s most exciting industries. The huge rise in demand for fashion from the Chinese market is creating great possibilities for the country’s designers, makers, retailers and promoters.

Whether you are dressing for a glamorous night playing casino games like you can find on Casino 777 or simply for a visit to your family or friends, China’s clothing companies are now rushing to offer consumers a huge range of great ideas and options.

The Chinese fashion industry has boomed in the last decade as more and more people have had increasing disposable income to spend on clothes and shoes. At the same time Chinese society has become more modern and urban – and that had led to increased demand for high quality fashion.

Industry experts predict that the Chinese apparel market is already worth around $1775 trillion USD a year – and that is only likely to grow in the future.

The choice of apparel has never been better across China. That is largely thanks to the growth of both small and large China-based clothing companies.

The younger generation of Chinese customers are more financially secure, well travelled and internationally-aware than their predecessors. Industry insiders expect this to change in demand to contribute to continued growth and increasingly sophisticated fashion goods being offered throughout the country.

We took a look at some of the biggest and most innovative clothing companies in China. Here is our pick of some of the very best home-based companies operating in the Chinese fashion world:

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Many Chinese fashion observers consider Anta as their equivalent of America’s Nike. It’s a major sportswear brand that is now a dominant force in the Chinese clothing market.

For more than 20 years Anta has grown from its original base in Xiamen. Sponsoring the Chinese team in the 2008 Beijing Olympics proved to be a big promotional breakthrough.

Anta was then able to take over the Chinese operations of the trendy Italian brand Fila. Then a partnership with US NBA basketball star Klay Thompson helped cement Anta’s place in the Chinese fashion world.

The internationally renowned point guard has since won three NBA championships – wearing Anta trainers. This fact was not lost on China’s young consumers.

Branding like this has helped Anta conquer China’s initial scepticism about locally produced sportswear. Anta is now one of the major designers and manufacturers in the Chinese fashion world.


Orchirly is at the forefront of China’s single-brand fashion store boom. The trendy female fashion retailer offers everything from T-shirts to suits.

The company is based in Guangzhou but has many stores across China and increasingly operates successfully through the internet too.


Gymnast Li Ning won six medals at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics – the first in which China competed. He retired to form a sportswear company – and succeeded at that too.

Li-Ning’s company has boomed since 1990 and he has become a prominent Chinese tycoon. As the Chinese taste veered away from its early obsession with sportswear, Li-Ning’s brand has become increasingly involved in straight fashion more than active apparel.

The label has gradually become an international force and even has become involved with New York fashion week. Industry watchers expect further growth across the world and increased success at home too.

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The JNBY fashion house designs and sells a great range of contemporary clothes and footwear across China. Its stylish stores have spread across much of the rest of world too since it was founded in 1997.

It is well known for its use of simple linen fabrics and its use of the clean lines of modern Asian design. With its distinctive style and attractive retail environment, many think of JNBY as the signature modern Chinese fashion house.


This Shenzhen-based fashion label mainly concentrates on contemporary designs for women. Its house style is always elegant and low-key, using top designers and the best quality fabrics.

The label is booming at home and Ellassay is another Chinese brand that has become familiar on the New York fashion week scene. It is expected to grow further at home and become a familiar brand in the modern global fashion world.

Overall Chinese home-produced fashion is proving to be a big success. Imported labels have been attractive in the past but are increasingly running in second place to the Chinese brands.

China’s fashion industry observers predict that the current boom in consumer fashions will continue – and that Chinese labels will be at the forefront of this growth.

The younger and more savvy Chinese middle-class buyers are increasingly demanding good quality, aspirational clothing that reflects the country’s modern emphasis on success. There’s clearly huge potential for any of the Chinese home brands that can tap into this enormous burgeoning marketplace for fashion.

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