Tokyo’s Innovative Music Startups Reshaping Asia’s Vibrant Melodic Landscape

January 30, 2024

The Asian music industry has traditionally been dominated by big labels and mainstream acts. However, in recent times, a new wave of startups has begun to challenge the status quo. These forward-thinking companies, many founded in 2020 or later, are leveraging technology, innovation, and a deep understanding of local markets to revolutionize music consumption, creation, and discovery in the region. This spotlight will focus on 12 groundbreaking music startups headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo, known for its unique blend of traditional and modern culture, bustling nightlife and ever-evolving music scene, has been a hotbed for startups. These startups span various sectors within the music space, including music streaming, artificial intelligence, digital entertainment, and more. They are bringing creative solutions and fresh approaches to an industry that is ripe for disruption.

These startups show immense promise due to their innovative strategies and adaptable business models. While the journey is still new and there are challenges to overcome, the significant strides they have already made point towards a more diverse and dynamic future for the Asian music industry.

Smart Accompanist

A promising startup in the music streaming sector, Smart Accompanist is poised to transform the way artists connect with their audiences. Their unique approach focuses on not just streaming music, but also fostering tighter bonds between artists and fans.


Expanding the horizons of the music industry, Mangatari brings together music, video, and media entertainment to deliver unique experiences to audiences. With a distinct visual storytelling approach, Mangatari promises to redefine multimedia entertainment in the music industry.


Founded by Riku Homma and Takuma Okamoto, YUIMEX is a highly versatile company operating in the animation, content, media and entertainment, and music industries. The company’s innovative strategies and creative approach have quickly gained attention in the industry.


Capitalizing on the massive potential of artificial intelligence, SOUNDRAW is bringing revolutionary changes to music generation. Co-founded by Daigo Kusunoki, this startup has developed an AI-driven, royalty-free music generator tailored for video content creators, offering user-friendly options to generate and customize music based on mood and genre.

Next Sound

Operating at the confluence of 3D technology, audio, music, and video, Next Sound is pushing the boundaries of how audio and visual content can be experienced. This startup is at the forefront of driving immersive experiences in the music and entertainment industry.


Recri is a multifaceted startup offering services ranging from consulting to media and entertainment to music. Their comprehensive approach allows them to cater to a wide range of customer needs within the music industry.

Vase Music Publishing

Focusing on music streaming and publishing, Vase Music Publishing aims to make music more accessible to audiences. With offerings tailored for the digital age, they are taking significant strides in modernizing music distribution.

Handred Music

Handred Music stands out with its unique focus on bringing together advertising, event management, music, and software. Their comprehensive and integrated services aim to provide unparalleled services for the music industry.

Baby Jam

Co-founded by Ryoji Tamura, Baby Jam delivers a unique blend of digital services in the realm of apps, digital entertainment, music, and social media. They aim to improve how music is distributed, discovered, and enjoyed in the digital era.


DramaBase is a digital entertainment startup focusing on the development and production of interactive drama. By incorporating music into their offerings, they are broadening the scope of how media and music can intertwine.


FAVER is making waves in the concert and music industry with their innovative services. They are reinventing how concerts are experienced and managed, bringing groundbreaking solutions to fans and artists alike.

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