Tokyo Internet Startups: Pioneering Innovation in Asia’s Digital Landscape

January 30, 2024

The constant evolution of the digital landscape in Asia has led to the emergence of several internet-based startups in Tokyo, Japan. These startups have showcased innovation in different sectors of technology, creating a strong impact on the market. This article will explore some startups founded in 2020 or later, operating in the internet industry in Tokyo.

The world of technology is continuously evolving and new startups are emerging to reshape the industry entirely. They are utilizing cutting-edge technologies to offer contemporary solutions. Among these companies, several are located in Tokyo, Japan, transforming the scenario of technology startups in the world.

The Tokyo startup scene continues to create riveting startups within the internet, software, and IT sectors, reflecting the city’s thriving innovation ecosystem. Let’s delve into some of these startups which are innovating the digital scene:

AEON SIGNA Sports United

Located in Tokyo, AEON SIGNA Sports United operates across e-commerce, internet, software, and sports sectors. Despite not having much information on their founders and specific operations, the company is part of Tokyo’s innovative digital scene.


Operating in the realms of Information Technology, Internet, software, and UX design, FAKE, an Internet services and UI/UX design consulting company, holds its ground in Tokyo’s dynamic startup scenario. You can find more about the company on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Mosleh Uddin, Gigalogy offers AI personalization with blockchain-based reward management for e-commerce businesses. You can learn more about the company on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Crisp Holdings

The details of the founders and operations of Crisp Holdings, a Financial Services, Information Technology, Internet and Software company, based in Tokyo are not available. They are a startup to keep an eye on.


Anew is an intriguing startup in the tools finance, financial services, and internet sector located in Tokyo. More about the company is available at their Facebook page.


Kickflow is yet another promising startup in the information technology and internet sector in Tokyo. Although the information on their founders or specific operations is not available, they are part of the burgeoning digital ecosystem in Tokyo.


RONGO is an up and coming startup in the consumer goods, E-commerce, and internet division in Tokyo. Explore more about RONGO on their Facebook page.


Cynaps is a IoT technology development firm that develops products such as CO2 sensors and provides IoT services. They are reshaping the IoT industry in Tokyo with their innovative solutions.


TradeWaltz is innovating the blockchain, document management, logistics, trading platform sectors. They have capitalized on blockchain technology to create a platform that enhances efficiency by eliminating multiple data entries and human errors in transcription.

GMO System Consulting

GMO System Consulting is an ecommerce company that offers digital commerce solutions and services. The company was founded in April 2020 in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. Learn more on their Facebook page.


Shagaitori operates in advice, business development, internet sectors in Tokyo. They are an up-and-coming startup in the business development sector in Tokyo.

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