Tokyo-Based Startups Transforming Asia’s Advice Industry Innovation Landscape

January 3, 2024

The bustling startup scene in Tokyo, Japan, has been cranking out innovative companies geared towards the advice industry since as early as 2020. Packed with a dynamic mix of enterprises that blend classic consulting services with cutting-edge digital solutions, these startups are reinventing ways to deliver advice and insights. This remarkable ecosystem is right within Tokyo, an energetic city globally known for marrying technology with traditions.

Today, we want to draw your attention to some of these standout companies. Despite being relatively new in the industry, these startups prove to have versatile portfolios ranging from career planning, asset management, corporate training to healthcare. Let’s plunge into the vibrant scene of Tokyo’s innovative advice industry startups, taking a closer look at what these names have to offer.

In this article, we’ll introduce eight dynamic startups that have sprung from Tokyo’s entrepreneurial spirit. Not only about their brands and services but also about how they contribute to the exciting and diverse landscape of Tokyo’s startup scene.

Life Will Change

Headquartered in Tokyo, Life Will Change operates in the Advice, Career Planning, Consulting, Employment, and Staffing Agency sectors. The startup has used its unique understanding of the market to set a vital footprint in the industry. Life Will Change’s LinkedIn has more information about their services and contributions to the advice industry.


Located in Musashino, Tokyo, AnyWhere is a promising startup co-founded by Haruhisa Saito. Besides offering advice, this venture also extends its expertise in Business Development, Consulting, and Software. Catch up with AnyWhere on their Facebook page to stay updated on their latest endeavors.

GO Fund

Operating in sectors of Advice, Asset Management, Consulting, Finance, and Financial Services, GO Fund is creating a significant presence in Tokyo’s lucrative startup scene. Based in Nihombashi-hamacho, Tokyo, this company is developing innovative solutions and efficient strategies in the financial advice sector.


Shagaitori is another Tokyo-based startup making waves in the advice, business development, and internet industry. This enterprise is continually looking for opportunities to reinforce its status in the market and provide innovative advisory services for its clientele, as demonstrated on their company website.

Public Health Consulting

With its base of operations in Tokyo, Public Health Consulting lends its expertise in Advice, Consulting, Health Care, and Medical areas. To learn more about this health-focused startup, check out its Facebook and Twitter accounts or visit their company website.


EVeM is a Tokyo-based startup that provides advice, consulting, and corporate training services. With a focus on enabling growth for businesses through tailored training schemes, they exert a noticeable influence in the startup advice industry in Tokyo.


ZeLo FAS represents another Tokyo-based startup that emerged in the Advice, Financial Services, and Internet domains. By crafting solutions ranging from corporate consultation to online financial advisory, ZeLo FAS is defining their solid footprint in Tokyo’s startup progression.

Tokyu Laviere

Tokyu Laviere, operating from Tokyo, provides services in the Advice, Asset Management, Consulting, and Legal sectors. This venture has been utilizing its broad range of knowledge to offer cumulating value to its varied client base, substantiating its place in Tokyo’s advice industry.

Each of these startups encapsulates the spirit, innovation, and dynamism of Tokyo’s flourishing advice industry. Their unique contributions, combined with a shared commitment to transform the industry, continue to shape Tokyo’s startup landscape into a diverse and vibrant ecosystem.

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