Spotlight on Singapore: Revolutionary Asian Startups Transforming the Fashion Industry

January 30, 2024

In the heart of Singapore, new Asian startups are disrupting the traditional fashion industry by leveraging technology and offering innovative business concepts. These startups, found primarily in the Central Region of Singapore, are not only pushing the fashion industry forward but are also laying a robust foundation for a more creative and sustainable fashion future. We highlight a few of these game-changing startups that have emerged since 2020.

From subscription-based perfumeries to luxurious organic apparel, the diversity of these firms showcases the range and dynamism of Singapore’s fashion scene. Notably, these startups reflect the City-State’s role as a hub of entrepreneurship and an incubator for innovative industrial sectors. They represent a new wave in sustainable, technologically savvy style that appeals to a broad and diverse audience.

The following is a list of these promising startups, along with a brief overview of their business model and founding team. Each company offers its unique take on fashion by merging technology, creativity, sustainability, and savvy business strategies.

Scentses and Co

Founded by Sabreena Yeong and Sadira Yeong, Scentses and Co is operating under the E-Commerce, Fashion, and Subscription Service industry. Connect with them on Facebook.


Within the Fashion and Retail industry, Cheak creates high-quality designs with a central focus on fit. Check out their LinkedIn page at Cheak.


Operating under the Consumer Goods, Fashion, and Organic industry, Mushy is reinventing luxury clothing and manufacturing organic products. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Republiqe Ltd

Founded by James Gaubert, Republiqe Ltd is part of the E-Commerce, Fashion, and Retail industry. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter as @RepubliqeC.

Gentle No More

Founded by Jaren Neo, Gentle No More is ahead of the curve with their flower-in-bullet jewelry pieces for the Fashion and Retail industry. Connect with them on Facebook.


Nupur Mathur and Rachna Sarup founded B77, a technology-fused, sustainable fashion brand within the E-Commerce, Fashion, and Shopping industry. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.


By merging the worlds of consumer electronics and fashion, Hekka offers immersive online shopping experiences. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter at @hekkaus, and Linkedin.

Novum Apis

Novum Apis is a unique startup providing designer handbag timeshare services using NFT blockchain technology, founded by Oliver Cheung. Connect with them on Linkedin.

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