Spotlight on Dubai-Based Asian Startups Revolutionising the Advertising Industry

January 3, 2024

This article features a series of thriving start-ups from the heart of Dubai that have significantly impacted the advertising industry since their inception in 2020. These companies have utilized breakthrough technologies and innovative strategies to offer their services in the ever-evolving realm of advertising – an industry that was already teetering on the edge of modernization even before the global pandemic. The following insights into the achievements, strategies, and potential outlook of these start-ups provide enough motivation and inspiration for potential entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

The outlined start-ups have adopted dynamic strategies – implementing cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, NFTs, and utilizing platforms like social media, web development, outdoor advertising, SEO, to get their message out to their consumers. These companies founded by ambitious and visionary individuals offer a robust mixture of creativity, risk-taking, and problem-solving, offering unique solutions in the field of advertising, marketing, and beyond.

As part of the growing Asian Startup industry in a city as rich and advanced as Dubai, these start-ups’ significant contributions shape the business landscape in the Middle East and have a significant impact on the world’s digital marketing future. From specialized influencer marketing platforms to decentralized marketing solutions, the following companies have taken the advertising scene in Dubai by storm.


Spreadd has made a name for itself in the advertising industry with its decentralised marketing platform. Founders Sohil Shah and team have designed a platform to help brands harness the power of the best creators through a KPI-based system. Via multi-layered NFTs, it ensures creators receive timely payments. Look up more about the company on their Facebook or LinkedIn.


InstaNorth, despite its unfamiliar founders, is a company providing advertising, software, and web development services. Its website gives a comprehensive breakdown of its services and they can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Leap Comms

Leap Comms is an advertising company, offering content generation and social media marketing services. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more.


Inevator, co-founded by Jaideep Chatha, is an AdTech startup creating advertising networks in urban cities by installing proprietary projectors in prime property elevators. For more about their vision, scope, and partnerships, check their LinkedIn.


NFT BOOSTS is the world’s largest NFT marketing agency founded by Priyanshu Joshi, with a reach of over 30 million people globally. Visit their website here to learn more.

Talir Group

Talir Group is a digital advertising agency delivering services from web development, design, social media marketing, to SEO. Their strategic and integrated approach helps articulate powerful stories, fostering genuine consumer connections.


Dolphinuz, founded by Alaa Abuyounis and Mohd Al- khaldi, has created a marketing platform for SMEs, where influencers can be contracted to pursue effective ad campaigns. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more info.

prike media

Founded by brothers Piyush, Prike Media is an advertising company focused on risk-taking, deal-making, creativity, and changing the game. They provide solutions from marketing to automation and social media. by Etisalat by Etisalat provides effective marketing solutions. Find out more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

MasterKey Media

Co-founded by Ibrahim Assad and Navjyot Gurudatta, MasterKey Media is an advertising and digital marketing startup focused on making brands memorable. Get more info on their Facebook and
LinkedIn pages.

Digital Marketing Mix

DMX is a full-scope digital marketing agency with over a decade of experience. Its services range from lead generation to website conversion optimization. Their global presence supports multilingual campaigns and innovative marketing technology solutions. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more.

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