Singapore’s Rising Cybersecurity Startups Elevating Asia’s Digital Defense Landscape

January 30, 2024


It’s a fascinating time to be involved in the world of startups, particularly within the bustling tech atmosphere of Central Region, Singapore. Given the global focus on digital service enhancement, as well as the increasing need for advanced cyber-security measures, it’s no surprise to find numerous startups making formidable strides in this domain. Founded in or after 2020, the following impressive startups from Singapore are making waves in the Cyber Security industry.

The growing importance of cyber security rests on its significant role in protecting information, networks, computer systems, and programs from digital attacks. These startups, employing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, are geared towards safeguarding their client’s interests against a myriad of cyber threats. Let’s dive in to discover more about each of these remarkable new players in the field.

From decentralized insurance protocols utilizing blockchain technology to business-focused IT solutions, these startups exhibit exciting variety in their approaches. They’re not just creating secure cyber ecosystems but also fostering robust business models and sophisticated software solutions in the process.

InsurAce Protocol

A venture led by Oliver Xie, InsurAce Protocol is a prime player in providing reliable and robust decentralized insurance services to DeFi users. This startup asserts an assured blend of unbeatable portfolio premiums and sustainable investment returns, all while securing the user’s investments against potential risks. Facebook, LinkedIn, @InsurAce_io


Co-founded by Gaurav Nagar, Evren is dedicated to simplifying IT & Security processes for enterprises. It helps businesses stay focused on growth and competitiveness, thereby contributing to enhanced productivity. LinkedIn, @entsecure

Affinite Solutions

Affinite Solutions is poised to make a substantial impact in the cyber security industry. More details about this exciting startup are forthcoming. LinkedIn, Facebook

Focus Digital Technology Group

Focus Digital Technology Group, a holding company of Focus Computer, Focus Digitech, and Cybernatics, extend a comprehensive range of IT and security service solutions.

Momentum Z

Founded by Matthias Yeo and Shane Chiang, Momentum Z offers a suite of cyber security solutions. From data privacy protection application to Fin-Tech Application and Scada Protection, this startup is a significant player in the field. LinkedIn, Facebook, @hq_mzt


Helmed by Ivan P., Expimont is a Software as a Service (SaaS) security solution provider for companies keen on safeguarding their web applications. LinkedIn, @expimontsg

Grow Asia

Founded by Guru Rao and Nitin Jain, Grow Asia functions as a business accelerator and operating partner. It assists early-mid stage niche global enterprise tech vendors eager to expand sales operations in the Asia Pacific region. LinkedIn


Co-founded by Wei Chieh Lim, Vulkyrie focuses on vulnerability discovery and tackles the increasing vulnerability of small and medium enterprises to cyber attacks. LinkedIn, Facebook, @govulkyrie


A brainchild of Carlos Leyva Salas, Chad Richts, and John Kinsella, cysense is a promising cyber security startup. LinkedIn, @CommonCysense


Chainsight offers an API for web3 background checks, assisting users in avoiding transactions with malicious entities on the digital platform. LinkedIn, Facebook, @ChainsightWeb3


Founded by Benjamin Harris, watchTowr is a cyber security technology startup that provides a Continuous Attack Surface Management solution. It enables organizations to understand their external cyber security posture continuously. LinkedIn, @watchtowrcyber


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