Showcasing Singapore’s AgTech Startups Revolutionizing Asia’s Agriculture Industry

January 4, 2024

The Asian startup landscape has been blooming over the last few years, creating a plethora of opportunities across various sectors. In particular, the agriculture technology (AgTech) sector in Singapore has kicked into high gear with startups devising innovative solutions centered around sustainability and efficiency, building a future with sustainable, resilient, and abundant food sources. Founded in or after 2020, these startups are epitomizing the transformation of traditional agriculture through technology, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and more.

The AgTech industry is vital for food security and a sustainable future, especially in densely populated regions like Asia. Given their limited agricultural land, countries like Singapore have been developing high-tech farming alternatives using advanced technologies such as vertical farming, AI, machine learning, and more. These efforts aim to yield higher farm productivity, robust crop growth, and efficient resource utilization. Singapore, a global financial hub, has emerged as a fertile ground for these AgTech startups to thrive and expand their businesses.

Let’s focus on some of the top AgTech startups that have their roots firmly planted in Singapore. These companies are pushing the boundaries of agriculture by converging technology with farming practices, contributing significantly to a lucrative and environmentally-friendly AgTech industry.

Vertical Oceans

Founders Enzo Acerbi and John F. Diener are behind Vertical Oceans, a game-changing aquaculture startup. They are taking a radical approach to sustainable shrimp farming by leveraging vertical aqua towers and a proprietary system incorporating 83 technologies from various fields. Their unique system, named Intelligent Habitat (iHAB), functions as a self-cleaning, self-sustaining production unit, resulting in a sustainable and delicious shrimp product.


MooMa, an Agritech and dairy milk startup co-founded by Brian Reddy, seeks to elevate the productivity and efficiencies of dairy milk farms. By integrating IoT and Big Data applications, the startup aims to create a data-driven dairy sector capable of battling food security issues and climate change risk. MooMa is both challenging and changing the landscape of dairy farming.


Launched by Kelly Ann Yeo and Wesley Oxenham, Farmcity embarks on a mission to empower and educate communities to grow their own food. By marrying traditional farming practices with advanced technology, the startup champions a back-to-basics approach to farming within the urban context.

Olam Agri

Leveraging its expansive network and expert capabilities, Olam Agri is offering food, feed, and fibre in high-growth emerging markets. Its operations mark a stride forward in the AgTech industry by providing superior quality farming products and services.

CMO on Wheels

CMO on Wheels, a new MarTech platform and Web3 marketing agency, is revolutionizing the digital marketing sphere for businesses ranging from startups to multinational corporations. Offering a comprehensive suite of marketing and e-commerce solutions, it aids companies in navigating the digital business transformation.


Under the leadership of Hiroto Yamazaki, UMAMI UNITED offers Japanese-inspired, plant-based food products. Their offerings are infused with the unique and savory flavor of UMAMI, driving innovation in the alt-protein market with unique Japanese ingredients. Their first product, UMAMI Egg, is made from Konjac powder as the main ingredient.


WasteX offers comprehensive AgTech solutions for agriculture and industry to increase productivity and generate positive environmental impacts. It assists clients in developing, implementing, and launching end-to-end solutions on their farms and at their mills and factories.

In conclusion, these Singapore-based startups, with their innovative technologies and sustainable solutions, are indeed rewriting the rules of the AgTech industry. Their dedicated efforts contribute significantly to the development of sustainable farming practices, contributing to a brighter and greener future for all.

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