Showcasing Rising Jakarta-Based Advertising Startups Revolutionizing Asia’s Market Scene

January 3, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Asian startup sphere, a series of brilliant innovations have emerged. Specifically, a raft of exciting startups based in Jakarta are leading the charge, redefining the advertising industry with their disruptive ideas and technologies. Carving out immersive customer experiences, providing bespoke advertising solutions, and revolutionising digital marketing strategies, these startups are creating waves within the Asian business realm. In this feature, we spotlight startups conceived in 2020 or later, highlighting their visions, missions, and unique contributions to the advertising industry.

The advertising industry has always been a fast-paced, dynamic sector, and the rise of digital marketing trends have made it even more integral for businesses to stand out. In light of this, Jakarta, the bustling capital of Indonesia, has emerged as the thriving hub of innovative advertising startups. These startups are not only changing the way businesses interact with their customers but are also reshaping the advertising industry with state-of-the-art IT and telecommunications technologies, expert consulting, and distinctive social media marketing strategies.

Please join us as we take a closer look at each of these innovative startups in the advertising industry. With a combination of creativity, expertise, and technology, these companies are rapidly on the rise. Without further ado, let’s introduce our spectacular line-up of Jakarta-based startups established in 2020 and after, making bold strides in the advertising world.

Influence ID

Based in Jakarta, Influence ID operates at the intersection of Advertising, Information Technology, and Telecommunications. Although specifics about its founders and description are not available, its presence in such diverse industries certainly paints a promising picture. Find them on Linkedin., also located in Jakarta, operates in Advertising, Developer Tools, Marketing Automation, and Social Media Marketing. Information about its founders and its description are currently unavailable.

Griity Agency

Specialising in Advertising, Consulting, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Advertising, the Griity Agency is based in Jakarta. More information about the founders and the company’s description can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages. exemplifies the vibrant creativity of the advertising industry in Jakarta. Offering myriad advertising solutions like indoor displays, outdoor displays, and digital billboards, the founders Marco Moniaga and Sandy Harta are making a significant mark in the industry. They continue to innovate in their provision of product advertising and brand marketing services. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Giva, headed by founders Douglas Tjokrosetio and Gracella Maureen, is a unique online advertising company operating on a charity model. Free to all users, Giva merges advertising and philanthropy, allowing users to donate to charities of their choice by simply watching ads. Reflecting their commitment to improving lives in Indonesia, you can find out more about them on LinkedIn.


Also based in Jakarta, Endorsaja works within the Advertising, Business Development, and Digital Marketing sphere. Founded in 2020, further information is yet to be released. Discover more about them on LinkedIn.


Labkom99 offers insightful tech solutions, playing a pivotal role in Advertising, Consulting, E-Commerce, Information Technology, the Internet, and Software industries. Based in Jakarta, find out more about their extraordinary services on their Facebook page and at Twitter.


GoFollow, based in Jakarta, specializes in Advertising, Developer Tools, and Social Media Marketing. Specific details about the company’s founding and description are yet to be released. Get in touch with them via their LinkedIn page and Twitter account.


Established in 2021 under PT Pinex Global Sentosa, KOLHire is an ambitious crowd-KOL marketing platform. Found by Henk Gervacio, the platform connects businesses and influencers, facilitating collaboration to increase brand value and help influencers monetize channels. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more.

As this is an ongoing series, stay tuned for the next installment where we will continue to spotlight thriving Asian startups in various industries. You can look forward to discovering more about the vibrant, ever-evolving startup landscape in Asia.

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