Shenzhen Tech Innovators: Spotlight on IT Startups Transforming Asia’s Landscape

January 30, 2024

As Asia’s technology power center, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, is renowned for its rapidly growing startup ecosystem. This article seeks to highlight ten such startups founded in 2020 or later, all operating in the Information Technology industry. With every new venture comes the prospects of pushing boundaries, innovating existing models, and setting new standards. Let’s introduce you to these game-changers.

These startups are more than just businesses. They represent a growing spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation fed by an insatiable hunger for technological advances. They challenge existing paradigms, introduce new concepts, and most importantly, drive progress in their respective fields.

From AI and cloud computing, IoT and robotics, to health tech and digital marketing, these startups reflect both the diversity and depth of the IT sector in Shenzhen. Let’s dive in for a more detailed look at these promising enterprises.


Focusing on improving team collaboration and efficiency through AI, LigaAI is a smart R&D collaboration platform. Providing an assortment of tools tailored to the work scenario of development teams, they seek to redefine the dynamics of team cooperation.

Zedtech solutions Co. Ltd

Co-founded by Kevin Arvidson, Zedtech solutions offers machine learning as a service. Based in China, it primarily focuses on Fin-tech, bringing AI-driven solutions to the finance industry.

Hifcare Inc.

Founded by a team comprising Harris Wang, Henry Tong, Herman He, and Kery Ning, Hifcare Inc. combines tech and health care. They focus on medical devices, home care, and renewable energy, with a free AI health caregiver, coach, and elderly companion.

Shenzhen National Star Vision Technology

Located in Shenzhen, National Star Vision accelerates the integration of AI and Business Intelligence, defining a new internet era.

Zhongke Agricultural and Commercial

Specializing in digital marketing services for local commercial banks, Zhongke Agricultural and Commercial has a growing list of clients which includes prestigious names like China Construction Bank and China Postal Savings Bank.

Jaguar Microsystems

Founded by Dr. Sunny Siu, Jaguar Microsystems offers cloud computing and data processing solutions for data centers. With accelerated Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) and RoCE for data center applications, they target cloud service providers and telecommunications and Internet service providers.

Zesen Technology

Zesen Technology operates on the cutting-edge of 3D content generation software. Located in Shenzhen Science and Technology Park, they are committed to building ZENO, a physical simulation platform that supports a wide range of users from students to researchers.

PaXini Tech

Co-founded by Mark Nie and Michael Hsu, PaXini Tech offers tactile digital value for various sectors like robotics, automation, aerospace, and entertainment. Their products herald a promising future in robotics, the automotive industry, wearable devices, virtual remote collaboration, and healthcare.


Based in Shenzhen, Freeyond is pushing boundaries in the realm of Information Technology, Internet of Things, and Mobile Devices. They’re dedicated to bringing new innovative solutions to the tech industry.

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