Seoul’s Financial Innovators: 15 Startups Transforming the Financial Landscape

November 30, 2023

1. Wavebridge

  • Website: Wavebridge
  • Overview: Wavebridge stands out as a leading institution in digital asset management, blending traditional financial expertise with innovative cryptocurrency technology.


  • Website: GREIT
  • Overview: GREIT is revolutionizing foreign currency exchange in Korea with its user-friendly mobile application, WEYS.

3. Fin2B

  • Website: Fin2B
  • Overview: Fin2B is dedicated to empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with tailored financial solutions, specializing in Supply Chain Finance.

4. Baekdu Technologies

  • Website: Baekdu Technologies
  • Overview: Focusing on the quantitative investment of DeFi assets, Baekdu Technologies is a pioneering tech company in the financial sector.

5. Ascendo Ventures LLC

  • Website: Ascendo Ventures
  • Overview: Investing in Korean and global startups, Ascendo Ventures excels in fostering growth through cross-border business development.

6. Payup

  • Website: Payup
  • Overview: Payup is an innovative application offering a blend of finance and payment services to its users.

7. Suhyup Bank

  • Website: Suhyup Bank
  • Overview: As a comprehensive provider of banking and financial services, Suhyup Bank is a key player in the financial industry.

8. Flow Finance

  • Website: Flow Finance
  • Overview: Specializing in cryptocurrency, Flow Finance offers a dynamic financial platform for digital assets.

9. Huobi Korea

  • Website: Huobi Korea
  • Overview: Huobi Korea is at the forefront of the digital asset exchange, providing a secure and robust platform for trading.

10. Eromnet

  • Website: Eromnet
  • Overview: Eromnet excels in the field of electronic payment and payment gateway services, contributing significantly to the digital economy.


  • Website: Bomapp
  • Overview: A trailblazer in insurtech, Bomapp revolutionizes insurance experiences with its fully digital platform.

12. Angel League

  • Website: Angel League
  • Overview: Angel League is an innovative online stock trading platform, making investments more accessible and efficient.

13. Aicel Technologies

  • Website: Aicel Technologies
  • Overview: Aicel Technologies offers unique datasets for the corporate and financial sectors, driving business growth and opportunities.


  • Website: BPLUS
  • Overview: BPLUS serves as an impact investment platform, connecting individual investors with meaningful social projects.

15. TAP Angel Partners

  • Website: TAP Angel Partners
  • Overview: TAP Angel Partners is known for its comprehensive accelerator programs, venture investment, and innovation in corporate strategies.

The financial services landscape in Seoul-t’ukpyolsi is vibrant and diverse, with these 15 companies exemplifying innovation, technological advancement, and customer-focused solutions. They are not just reshaping the local financial scene but also setting trends globally.

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