Rising Pune-based Asian Startups Revolutionizing the Advertising Industry

January 3, 2024

Today’s focus is on the blossoming Advertising startups established in 2020 or later that are located in Pune, India. Advertising is an ever-evolving field with constant innovation to reach the audience in new and creative ways. As we dive into the depth of these promising startups, we will take a look at their narratives, venture into their specialties, and appreciate the remarkable creativity and diversity that these Pune-based startups bring to the advertising and marketing industry.

These companies sometimes operate in overlapping sectors, providing complementing services and maximizing their impact. Pune, a city that’s quickly making its mark on the global startup scene, has witnessed the birth of several promising advertising startups in 2020 and beyond. Let’s take a look at these notable startups and the unique offerings that help them stand apart.

These startups are not merely agencies providing advertising services; they are playing an integral role in reshaping the advertising landscape with their innovative strategies and imaginative approaches. They are making a significant impact on their clients’ businesses by enhancing their brand visibility and influencing their growth trajectories.

Wit & Chai

Wit and Chai, an advertising company based in Pune, aims to make products more appealing and recognizable through their packaging services. Their comprehensive IMC services include traditional and digital media, offering a clear and consistent message with maximum impact. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Qualcom Media

Founded by Lilly Mathew, Qualcom Media is a B2B marketing company that specializes in lead management and advertising. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Ravian Media

Ravian Media, an advertising startup, provides 360° marketing services. Their offerings include branding, digital marketing, 3D animation, and software development for various industries on both local and international levels. Facebook | LinkedIn

VOZ Solutions

Specialized in B2B Lead generation, VOZ solutions focuses on email and telemarketing, demand generation, and event promotion services. LinkedIn


As a startup in the advertising industry, Kojano.com primarily deals with social media marketing. Facebook | LinkedIn

Media 7

Providing audience engagement services at a global level, Media 7 helps brands reach their target audience through multiple online channels. Their services encompass event marketing, content marketing, content syndication, PR & news, and marketing & advertising. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Martechlive, a part of the Straits Business Group, operates in the Marketing and Advertising sector. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Recognized as one of the leading digital marketing companies in Pune, Digitalia offers an array of services – web development, to SEO, social media marketing, PPC Marketing, email marketing, and more. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Bear Media

Founded by Shubhankar Kanase, Bear Media helps businesses grow, scale, and actualize their potential with their high-effort digital marketing strategies. The agency provides end-to-end digital marketing solutions from SEO, SMO, Pay-per-click advertising, to conversion optimization and content marketing. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

24by7 IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Co-founded by Vinayak Shinde, this startup provides a variety of services from UI/UX Designing & Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing to Video Editing & Graphics Design. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


AdMuse, founded by Dhanashree Palekar, is a full-service marketing and advertisement firm dedicated to helping brands grow. They offer a range of capabilities like Brand and Digital Growth Strategy, Advertising, Customer Engagement and Commerce, Digital Transformation, Technology, Design, Video Production. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Exploring these startups unveils the diverse pool of expertise, creativity, and innovation within Pune’s advertising scene. With their cutting-edge services and solutions, they are playing an instrumental role in transforming the way businesses brand and market themselves in today’s digital age.

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