Rising Japanese Startups Revolutionizing Asia’s Advice Industry Landscape

January 3, 2024

Asia is a hub for growth, change, innovation, and emerging talent. Many startups located within this region are making waves in various industries, contributing greatly to economic growth and societal change. In this article, we delve deep into some unique startups based in Japan that are creating their mark within the advice industry. These startups, all founded in 2020 or later, are bringing fresh perspectives and innovation to the industry, providing singular, personalized advice to businesses and individuals alike.

Offering a range of services from career planning, consulting, asset management, health care, and manufacturing to IT and business development, these startups are demonstrating that the advice industry is ripe for disruption and innovation. They are modifying how advice is conceptualised, offered, and executed using technology, creative approaches and novel strategies. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the Japanese startups that are redefining the advice industry.

Each company listed below is presented with an embedded link, allowing you to directly access their respective websites and learn more about their unique offerings and strategies. You may also find their social media handles to stay connected and up to date with the company’s recent developments.

Life Will Change

Laying down new norms in the career planning, consulting and employment sector, Life Will Change is a Tokyo-based startup that endeavors to create positive transformation in individual’s professional life. Their LinkedIn profile link can be found here.


AnyWhere is an innovative startup that targets to revolutionize business development and consulting. Co-founded by Haruhisa Saito, this Musashino-based firm also creates efficiencies in businesses through software. Moreover, they hold an active presence on Facebook, which can be accessed here.


Patternstorage is a unique startup operating in the intersection of advice, IT, and manufacturing, particularly in the apparel industry. Based in Okayama, patternstorage resolves issues such as labor shortages and the oversupply of clothing. Connect with them on Facebook here.

GO Fund

Based in Tokyo, GO Fund is an asset management, consulting, and finance startup that has made strides in financial services. With advisory services as one of their core offerings, they are rethinking traditional finance operations.


Shagaitori is a Tokyo-based startup offering advice and business development services, with key footholds in the internet industry. This company is amongst the agile startups bringing change to the Asian market.

Public Health Consulting

Public Health Consulting is a unique startup focusing on healthcare and medical consulting. Based in Tokyo, they provide critical advice within the medical field. Connect with them on Twitter (@PublicHealthCo6) and Facebook here.


Operating from Saga, Dessun is bringing innovation to the events, IT, and recruiting sector in addition to sharing its expert advice. Stay in the loop with them via Twitter (@InfoDessun).


Keyaki is a Minato-based startup that was co-founded by Hiroki Osanai and Taiki Kimura. They amalgamate advice, consulting, financial services, and real estate to create highly tailored solutions to complex issues. Follow their developments on LinkedIn here.


Operating from Tokyo, EVeM provides expert advice and consulting in the field of corporate training. As part of the dynamic new wave of startups, EVeM seeks to redefine training and corporate management.


ZeLo FAS is a multifaceted advice startup based in Tokyo. They are shaking up the financial services industry with their innovative approach to Internet services.


With the focus on health and nutrition, Wellkee is an innovative startup providing diet-based food and nutrition information services targeting middle-aged women’s well-being. Based in Kyoto, they offer a unique approach to healthier food and lifestyle choices.

In the light of these extraordinary startups, it is clear that Japan is taking impressive strides toward getting advice giving industry on solid ground. With a unique blend of experience, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking, these companies are well on their way to becoming industry leaders, effectively challenging the norms of the advice market.

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