Revolutionizing Learning: Innovative Education Startups Flourishing in India, Asia

January 15, 2024

The surge of education-based startups in India since the onset of 2020 has been revolutionary. Their contribution to the expansion of the EdTech industry has offered fresh, innovative approaches that accentuate learning experiences. The country has witnessed the advent of multiple startups with their stronghold within the education sector, making learning interactive and fun again. Notable companies that have carved a strong presence since their inception in 2020 include Bhanzu, Creative Galileo, AlmaBetter, BlueLearn, SkilloVilla, SocialSwag India, Artium Academy, Codingal, WISE App, AppX, and BitClass.


Empowering learners with confidence and passion for mathematics is the Hyderabad-based startup, Bhanzu. Initiated by Krishnakanth JSS, Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash, Prachotan DL, and Srinivas Jonnalagadda, Bhanzu‘s vision is to eradicate the fear of maths globally. The company is dedicated to fostering a positive perspective in students towards math and STEM fields, which constitute an integral part of their learning.

Creative Galileo

Shaping young minds with a fascination for learning, Creative Galileo is an ambitious EdTech startup. With founders Nikhil Naik and Prerna A Jhunjhunwala at the helm, Creative Galileo focuses on early childhood learning and launches products aimed at interactive storytelling and curriculum-based learning.


Realising the potential of the learners through their innovative and comprehensive curriculum is Bangalore located AlmaBetter. Their approach highlights the significant role a risk-free environment plays in the cognitive development of a learner, fostering a sustainable learning process.


With a mission to help students learn new skills and grow individually, BlueLearn provides a one-stop platform where students can network with peers, learn and apply for internships. Founders Harish Uthayakumar and Shreyans Sancheti aim to build a holistic learning community for students.


SkilloVilla, a Bengaluru-based startup, is paving the way for learners to enhance their skills and explore opportunities worldwide without the constraints of educational or economic backgrounds. It provides a unique platform for career-oriented learning to its users.

Social Swag India

Adding the fun element in learning is the Mumbai based Social Swag India which connects learners with celebs, influencers and personalities for personal interactions and learning forums. Founded by Akshay Kumar and Rana Daggubati, Social Swag India has redefined learning by combining it with entertainment.

Artium Academy

Bringing music education online is the Mumbai-based platform Artium Academy. This startup is dedicated to making music learning fun and accessible to all, aiming to nurture music enthusiasts and aspiring musicians.


Emphasising the role of coding in shaping future careers, Codingal is paving the way for kids to learn coding. Founders Satyam Baranwal and Vivek Prakash are guiding their mission to provide coding education to every K-12 student, empower young learners, and shape the creators of tomorrow.


Bengaluru-based WISE App offers an online teaching application designed to help teachers conduct online courses effortlessly. This initiative by founders Bilal Abidi and Mubeen Masudi not only allows teachers to manage and automate operations like scheduling and attendance but also track resource sharing and assessments.


Helping creators to launch personal apps and monetize through courses and premium content is the Delhi-based startup, AppX. It costs its roots in the educative sector and has now branched out to encompass gaming and fitness creators.


BitClass, a Bengaluru stationed startup, offers a PAAS solution enabling skilled individuals to establish their independent live classes. Functioning as an asset for aspiring and established teachers, BitClass fosters an ecosystem supportive of the online education sector.

In conclusion, the EdTech industry in India is undergoing a revolutionary change, fuelled by these dynamic startups. These companies are encompassing unique learning methodologies, immersive technologies and providing platforms for inclusive education, leading to a positive transformation in the education sector.

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