Revolutionizing Asian Fashion: Top New Delhi Startups Making Global Waves

January 30, 2024

The fashion startup landscape in New Delhi has experienced an upswing in recent years, specifically since the turn of the decade in 2020. With digital transformation taking centre stage, entrepreneurs are leveraging e-commerce platforms and technology to reach the fashion-forward and internet-savvy Indian millennials and GenZ. From affordable fashion to luxury accessories, these startups are making their mark in the fashion industry in unique and innovative ways.

This article aims to shed light on some of the fashion startups in New Delhi, born in 2020 or later, who are making waves in the industry. Each of them brings something special to the table, from unique designs crafted in-house to luxury preloved items, offering customers both choice and value.

Join us as we delve into the world of these new-age fashion companies, all of them located within the bustling city of New Delhi. What they have in common is their innovative spirit, dynamism, and a strong desire to make a difference in the fashion scene.

Arre Bro

Arre Bro is a Direct-To-Consumer Fashion brand that provides aesthetic and minimal apparel hand-crafted to cater to India’s 250M+ millennials and GenZs. We provide high-quality apparel at factory prices since the products are made in-house. Its founders, Akhilesh Saurabh and Shahroz Ahmad, are constantly innovating to meet and surpass consumer expectations in the e-commerce fashion space.

Mera Merch

A unique venture in the fashion industry, Mera Merch combines fashion with music, creating an interesting and captive e-commerce platform. Run by founder Tarun Bansal, the startup offers a novel shopping experience to its customers and is quickly gaining traction among several demographics.


Ashish Tiwari’s HairForever is a hair extension manufacturing startup. With a specific focus on women’s fashion and cosmetics, HairForever has made significant progress within a short span of time, proving that a focused approach and attention to market demands can lead to success.


An e-commerce brand in the clothing space, Mimas offers a wide range of products, including men’s cotton floral print, Chandrika girl’s fit & flare, hopscotch girl’s empire knee length dress, symbol women’s t-shirt, and mini cult cotton pajama pants. Through phone calls and emails, it ensures customer inquiries are aptly addressed, reflecting a customer-first mentality.


Abbloo is a startup operating in the fashion, manufacturing, printing, and retail sectors. Founded by Mayank Saini, it takes fashion and customization to new heights by offering personalized services for people looking to make their wardrobes unique.


TheLuxOro is on a mission to make luxury accessible. Founders Arpan Sehgal and R K Shrivastaw have developed this platform where consumers can buy and sell 100% authentic luxury designer handbags, watches, wallets, footwear, sunglasses, and apparels. Their ingenious business model and commitment to authenticity and quality have made them a notable player in the luxury fashion space.


Salty is all about making fashion accessible to women across India. With their trend-setting, affordable fashion accessories for everyday wear, they are certainly making inroads in the e-commerce fashion industry, capturing the interest of many style-conscious women all over the country.

Saint Jones

Saint Jones is a fashion name for men in India which came with the aim to redefine everyday fashion choices. Their products are designed to make customers feel better, not just look better. They believe that fashion is a reflection of one’s choices and individuality, and they are here to enhance that very experience.

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