Revolutionizing AgTech: Promising Startups Based in Karnataka, Asia’s Innovation Hub

January 3, 2024


Innovation and technology continue to redefine almost all sectors across the globe. The agricultural sector is not left behind, as agrotech startups continue to spring up, providing necessary tech improvements and advancements that have revolutionized farming. With a variety of such startups gracing the landscape, one particular jurisdiction seems to stand tall – Karnataka, India. Below is an overlook of some of the agtech startups in Karnataka that started operating from 2020 onwards.

As the world races to embrace sustainable practices especially in the agricultural sector, a good number of Bangalore-based startups are leading the way forward in India. They stand at the forefront of merging farming practices with digital solutions to solve existent and impending challenges. From supply chain management to digital credit services, these startups have crafted a niche for themselves through innovative strategies.

These Karnataka-based firms exhibit a dynamic operational ethos that serves the agricultural sector while firmly embracing digital technology. The list entails those venturing into organic produce, those incorporating data-driven solutions, those embracing credit facilities for farming, and those venturing into the world of natural fiber. Here are the startups that have taken bold steps in redefining the agricultural space in strident ways.


Vegrow is an agtech firm based in Bangalore, committed to remodelling farming through technological inputs. The firm provides a platform that aids farmers, aggregates supply, and caters to organized demands. The operational strategy aims at simplifying farming and promoting land utilization. Vegrow prides itself on its mission towards establishing the largest asset-light farmer in the world. Facebook Linkedin

Bhasha: Life

Aiming to provide solutions for the non perishable agri products, handlooms, and handicrafts, Bhasha: Life stands out as an innovator in the agricultural industry. With operations rooted in Bangalore, the B2B e-commerce platform liaises with suppliers, ushering them into becoming micro-entrepreneurs who can transact productively. Linkedin


ReshaMandi is a Bengaluru-based agtech startup targeting the natural fiber supply chain. By integrating into its operations, quality testing, technical advice, and market linkages, it prides itself on organizing this specific supply chain. Facebook Linkedin

Agdhi Technologies

Agdhi Technologies’ mission is centered on innovatively combining human creativity with digital technology to foster sustainable agricultural practices.


AgriFi steps into the agtech scene with a unique blend of agriculture and finance. As a digital credit agri system with its foundation in Bangalore, AgriFi is centered around agriculture, market linkage, and credit platforms. Facebook Linkedin


Farmstop champions healthy, sustainable practices by promoting organic farming. Based in Bengaluru, the ethical e-store offers farm-fresh organic products from renowned organic farmers. Facebook Linkedin


By focusing on India’s fruit and vegetable industry, Onato utilizes the $100+ billion industry to create a stable tech platform. Linkedin


ONO ARK, an agri-tech firm, provides data-driven tech solutions for the agricultural industry. The company forges connections across the agri spectrum to foster transparency and efficiency and unlock opportunities. Facebook Linkedin

Orga Plants

Orga Plants is an innovative startup geared towards the agricultural scene. Although the company is less specific about what it offers, it illustrates the diverse potential resident in agrotech startups. Linkedin

Inor Fresh

With a particular focus on the fresh seafood aqua market, Inor Fresh operates a tech-enabled B2B business platform that connects suppliers to domestic and international markets. Facebook Linkedin


Another worthwhile player in the sector, Gramiyaa, has made its mark in the e-commerce, food and beverage, and retail industry. However, the company remains unspecified in its description, fitting into the trend of firms that thrive on their realized potential in the agtech field. Linkedin


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