Revolutionizing Agriculture: Tel Aviv-Based Asian Startups Leading the Way

January 4, 2024

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Tel Aviv, the epicentre of Israel’s vibrant startup scene, has notably become a hub for innovative agriculture startups. The region’s robust focus on technology, coupled with its unique environmental condition, provides an excellent incubator for new ideas and technologies to thrive. Startups that formed in 2020 or later have demonstrated promising potential and are continually transforming the agriculture landscape in Tel Aviv. Let’s take a closer look at some of these startups.


Founded by Amir Adamov and Guy Morgan, Neolithics is a venture in the agriculture, computer vision, and supply chain management sectors. Utilising artificial intelligence and disruptive model algorithms, it strives to modernise the agricultural domain with efficient data-driven solutions. Connect with the team on LinkedIn.


CarobWay is a startup specializing in the cultivation, production, storing, delivering, trading, and extraction of a comprehensive range of carob fruit. A pioneer in the agriculture, farming, and fruit industries, it is enthusiastically enhancing farming techniques and product quality. Check out their profile on LinkedIn for more insights.

Vanilla Vida

Brainchild of Raz Krizevski, Shlomy Kadosh, and Yael Oren Zilberman, Vanilla Vida is revolutionising the food and beverage industry with innovations in agriculture and AgTech. They offer control of the entire process, from seed to client, assuring quality at each step. Connect with the team on LinkedIn.


Agmatix is an agro informatics startup that develops data-driven solutions for the agriculture industry. They leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software for their disruptive solutions. Follow them on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn for updates.


Founded by Dotan Eshet and Ori Ahiman, Treetoscope is a novel startup in the agricultural tech world. Their product is the first commercial device that senses the internal water flow of a plant and directly measures its water consumption and real-time irrigation needs. For more info, visit their LinkedIn page.


AgChimedes is a startup in the agriculture and life sciences industries aiming to bring transformative solutions to the agro-tech sector. They aim to break new ground with unique products and solutions that enhance productivity and sustainability. Check their LinkedIn profile for more details.

These hotter than hot startups have adopted a holistic approach to tackle challenges in the agriculture industry and are shaping the future for farms in Tel Aviv and beyond. Stay tuned for more details and updates on these ventures and the remarkable advancements they bring to the table.

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