Revolutionizing Agriculture: Prominent Asian Startups Headquartered in Central

January 3, 2024


In the past couple of years, dynamic agriculture startups operating in Central Asia have stirred tremendous attention with their innovative concepts and technology. They have credited their emergence to the disruptive technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain, that have thoroughly reshaped the traditional agricultural landscape in response to global challenges like climate change and food security. Here’s a sneak peek into some of these game-changing startups that started operating in 2020 or later.

Headquartered in Singapore’s Central region, these companies are proving that agriculture and technology make a winning combination. They are pushing boundaries in aquaculture, dairy farming, agritech, biotechnology, and food processing with their cutting-edge innovations. Here are some newsmakers from the agriculture startup space in Central.

Across bioengineering, hardware, and computational engineering, all of these companies have successfully adopted different technological methods to address various obstacles that farmers commonly face. From improving efficiencies and productivity in dairy farms to dealing with waste management issues, these startups are bringing transformative solutions to the forefront.

Vertical Oceans

Operated by Founders Enzo Acerbi and John F. Diener, Vertical Oceans uses 83 technologies to produce farm-to-fork shrimp in eco-friendly vertical aqua towers. Their intelligent aquatic system uses fish and seaweed as part of their biofiltration method. This startup is green, uses no chemicals or antibiotics, and promises delectable shrimp with a high sustainability score.


Bioark, founded by Jeremy Chua, is a rising agri-biotech startup based in Singapore. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Brian Reddy, MooMa is a revolutionary startup that uses smart tech IoT and Big Data solutions to improve dairy milk farms’ efficiencies and productivity and develop dairy milk marketplaces throughout supply chains. Check out their LinkedIn for more insights about their works.


Founded by Frank Gouverne and Stephen Edkins, DCX creates a digitally integrated marketplace for trading physical agricultural commodities. They apply blockchain technology to ensure fraud-free, transparent, and efficient transactions. Follow DCX on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated with their advancements.


Farmcity, founded by Kelly Ann Yeo and Wesley Oxenham, strives to empower communities to grow their food. Stay connected with Farmcity on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Olam Agri

Olam Agri offers a range of food, feed, and fibre in emerging markets with processing capabilities. To learn more about their services, you can follow them on LinkedIn.


Operated by Hiroto Yamazaki, UMAMI UNITED enriches the alt-protein market with Japanese inspired plant-based food. To stay updated with their offerings, follow them on LinkedIn.


WasteX provides solutions for agriculture and industry to generate various benefits and significant positive environmental impact. Follow WasteX on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to explore more about their solutions.


GRANDBIO.SOLUTIONS offers technology for mining high-quality mushroom protein at the push of a button. The solution is environmentally friendly, uses fewer resources and cultivated at any time, any climate under Vegan & Halal guidelines.


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