Revolutionizing Agriculture: Innovative Jakarta-Based Startups Transforming Asia’s Farming Sector

January 3, 2024

Having emerged as one of the global startup hotspots, the Jakarta Raya region in Indonesia is home to numerous innovative startups that have joined the revolution shaping the future of industries. Beefing-up the agricultural sector through technology and innovative solutions, the city witnessed several startups launched in 2020 or later which are at the forefront of the agri-tech revolution. We take a look at some promising agriculture startups headquartered in Jakarta, in today’s article.

Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most-populated country, making the agricultural sector now more crucial than ever. Technologically-enabled startups have taken it upon themselves to bring about a major shift in how we perceive farming and agriculture. With e-commerce marketplaces, strong supply chain networks, and aquatech solutions, these startups are playing a pivotal role in Indonesia’s agri-tech boom.

Let’s delve deep into these startups and understand how they are contributing to transforming the traditional agricultural landscape into a more technology-driven, profitable, and sustainable sector.


Founded by Dien Wong, PasarMIKRO is a B2B aggregated marketplace that has been making strides in the agriculture industry since its inception. It doesn’t just stop at being a marketplace – it has also integrated financing facilities, bridging the gap between finance and agriculture. This combination makes PasarMIKRO a unique player in the Indonesian agricultural scene.

Founded by Mochammad Nasrulyani, Oki Maulana, Risan Awaludin, and Slamet Riyanto, is known for its retail and wholesale of Indonesian agriculture and commodities. Their presence on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allows for better reach and communication.


As an Agri-tech company, Eratani primarily focuses on building an agricultural ecosystem while also providing farmers with easy access to technology. Their unique approach aims at increasing the productivity and welfare of the agricultural ecosystem.


Delos, based in Cikini, Jakarta Raya, is a science-driven aquatech company co-founded by Alexander Farthing and Bobby Indra. Delos strives to disrupt the traditional and fragmented aquaculture industry in Indonesia with its innovative design and operation of aquafarms.


Aria is a startup that provides solutions for the agriculture sector and other services. Their work in the AgTech industry has helped reshape the traditional notions of agriculture into an innovative field driven by technology and creativity.


Semaai, co-founded by Gaurav Batra, epitomises innovation in the AgTech field. It aims to offer a comprehensive solution to farmers and stakeholders in the agriculture supply chain. Semaai’s online presence on Facebook and LinkedIn further improves their interaction and services rendered to the farming community.


AgriAku, co-founded by Danny Handoko and Irvan Kolonas, is an investment in the farming sector with its apps – Agroaku Mitra app, and Agroaku Hub app. The technology-based local agribusiness company has been enabling traders and farm shop owners to purchase agricultural production facilities at affordable prices.


Agridesa’s innovative approach towards creating a closed-loop agricultural strategy that ties together landowners and producers is laudable. Their approach has revolutionised how landowners and producers interact and cooperate.


Akar is a hyperlocal indoor vertical farming solution that centres around providing high-quality produce of leafy greens, herbs, and edible flowers. Their unique solution has won them fame and recognition in the farming community.

Spices Spoon

As a spice company, Spices Spoon has been offering spices like Clove, Blackpepper, Whitepepper, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Chilli, and many more in both whole and powdered form. Their hospitality services have set a new benchmark for service excellence in the industry.

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