Revolutionizing Advice Industry: Top Singapore-based Startups Shaping Asia’s Future

January 30, 2024

Startups in Singapore have been gaining ground, with new businesses entering various industries including accounting, education, financial services, and consulting. Many of these startups established in 2020 and onwards are providing innovative solutions and advice to businesses and individuals alike. Here we showcase a few of these startups that have their headquarters in Singapore’s Central Region.

This article serves to highlight these startups that have been making waves in the industry, providing not only disruptive solutions but also exceptional service to their respective industries. They range from IT companies to financial services and represent the diversity of Singapore’s thriving startup ecosystem.

From creating tools to streamline business processes to providing services targeted at specific niche areas, these companies are capturing the entrepreneurial spirit of the Lion City. A peek into these companies provides a glimpse of the future of various industries as influenced by these trailblazing startups. Without further due, let’s dive into the amazing world of Singapore’s startups established in 2020 and beyond.


Starboard, founded by Han Verstraete, is an IT company that provides accounting, compliance, tax, and business advisory services. Starboard’s technology gives customers their own client management dashboard, access to all communications and jobs in one location, and automation tools to help with all the tedious tasks. They are focused on helping entrepreneurs resolve their corporate, regulatory, and monetary issues related to doing business in international markets.

You can also connect with them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Labor Solutions

Labor Solutions, founded by Budiman Wiksara and Elena Fanjul-Debnam, provides global consumer brands with data directly from workers to identify and prevent supply chain human rights risks. They proudly present themselves as an Asia-based social-impact business that’s founded, owned, and operated by women.

Their presence can also be spotted on LinkedIn.


Metier provides financial services targeted at startups, SMEs, and boutique companies. They offer customized and cost-effective financial and secretarial solutions and field inquiries through email.

You can further reach out to them via their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

PACES Capital Management

PACES Capital Management operates in the financial services and advice industry. They mainly focus on asset management.

Add them to your network on LinkedIn.


PPEARL operates in the consulting and advice sector focusing mainly on small and medium enterprises.

Learn more about them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


FidCorp provides a range of services including accounting, advice, and professional services. They mainly cater to the needs of the financial services sector.

Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Remote Uprising

Remote Uprising, founded by Melissa Ng, helps companies adapt to remote work by transforming distributed workers into high-performing teams.

Be updated with their work on LinkedIn.

NUS Angel Ventures

NUS Alumni Ventures is an angel investment network and non-profit organization that aims to foster relationships and support among entrepreneurs and investors.

They also have a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Samir Khadepaun, Wizly operates in the Advice, Apps, Business Development, and Internet industry.

Know more about their work and updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Svested, founded by Casper Peh and Marcus Wong, is a FinTech startup aiming to supercharge growth and fulfill dreams through ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan). They provide a digital platform for startups to manage their ESOP and equity (CapTable), along with advisory services for the planning and setting up of ESOP.

Check them out on their Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and Twitter.


Terrascope operates in the Advice, Consulting, Information Technology, SaaS, and Software industry.

Stay updated with their latest happenings on LinkedIn.

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