Revolutionizing Accounting: Spotlight on Dubai-Based Asian Startup Innovators

January 3, 2024

Despite the challenges the world faced in 2020, it was a prolific time for startups in Asia, particularly in the accounting sector. This growth offers evidence of an entrepreneurial spirit that persists even in times of economic downturn. In this article, we introduce you to startups in the accounting industry that began operations in 2020 or later and have their headquarters in Dubai. These startups have not only successfully launched during difficult times, but they also provide exemplary products and services that are transforming the accounting landscape in the region.

These startups operate in a broad range of areas, including audit, tax advisory, enterprise software, fintech and digital payment sectors. They are redefining the traditional accounting landscape by incorporating cutting-edge technologies into their operations, serving as a key catalyst in the digital transformation of the industry.

We want to put these startups on your radar as we believe they have the potential to change the face of accounting in Asia through their innovative solutions. Let’s take a closer look to understand what each startup brings to the table.

Xact Auditing of Accounts

Headquartered in Dubai, Xact Auditing of Accounts is a specialized audit firm that offers a comprehensive range of services such as audit services, accounting services, VAT services, excise tax services, and tax advisory services. They pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of the UAE business environment and commitment to excellence and quality.


DigiFoodEx, located in Deira, Dubai, is an exciting startup operating at the intersection of accounting, enterprise software, food delivery, and software. Although the details behind their unique mixture of services remain under wraps, their inclusion of accounting in their portfolio promises a unique approach to the industry.

The Accounter

Co-founded by Fadi Elghattis, The Accounter is a fintech startup that aims to provide affordable and quality accounting services to small and micro companies. They have developed an AI-powered app where users simply upload pictures of their bills and invoices, and let The Accounter handle the rest, making it a unique solution suitable for SMEs and startups.


Payroll, payments, expenses, it can be a hassle to manage all these financial aspects of a business. Qashio, founded by Armin Moradi and Jonathon Lau, makes this process seamless with their spend management platform. Users have the capability to make payments, manage payables, budgets, and spending in real time.

Paci ai is an all-in-one finance management platform for small and medium-sized businesses, startups inclusive. The platform simplifies financial management by unifying accounting, banking, expense, payments, and taxes into one seamless solution, enabling businesses to focus on what they do best.


Pemo takes financial management to a new level by packing every company invoice, expense, approval and spending decision into one robust platform. Their offering covers smart corporate cards, invoice payment systems and expense tracking functions. To top it all off, they directly integrate with accounting systems and provide real-time reporting.

MNA Business Solutions

Providing end-to-end financial solutions, MNA Business Solutions proudly serves small and medium enterprises in Dubai. From business advisory and accounting to tax planning services, their team is committed to delivering bespoke solutions for each client.

In summary, despite the diverse approaches and target markets, these promising startups all share the common mission of disrupting traditional accounting practices. Leveraging the power of technology, these companies are poised to play a pivotal role in the transformation of the accounting industry in Asia. Stay tuned to see how these startups continue to innovate and redefine the industry landscape.

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