Promising Central Region-Based Asian Startups Revolutionizing the Accounting Industry

January 4, 2024

As Asia continues to be a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship, a steady stream of startups are emerging to grab the spotlight. A noteworthy cluster of these fresh ventures are embracing the potential of the Accounting industry while making their home in the Central Region, marking this as a sector and locality ripe with opportunity. Appearing on the scene in 2020 and onwards, these startups are merging advanced technology and financial services to redefine the accounting landscape. Let’s take a closer look at some promising startups in this space.

Combining Accounting with Information Technology and Professional Services is a winning formula for startups looking to make a mark in this industry. Leveraging the power of technology, these firms are offering modern, efficient, and user-friendly alternatives for bookkeeping and financial management. Whether it’s through enhancing transparency, automating manual chores or simplifying compliance, these startups are redefining the accounting field.

While many of these startups share some common traits, each one carries its unique proposition and solution to the table. Let’s delve into each of these organizations and their distinctive contributions to the Accounting industry.


Offering financial services tailored to the specific needs of startups, SME’s, and boutique companies, Metier is committed to delivering cost-effective and customized financial and secretarial solutions. Stay connected with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


FidCorp is another standout startup operating in the Accounting and Financial Services space. Stay updated about their latest offerings on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Larry Cheng and Louis Leung, WIDI is a cloud-based audit workflow management software designed by a team of seasoned auditors. They provide an efficient tool for auditors, benchmark compliant workflows, a user-friendly environment for the novices, and a value-for-money productivity tool. WIDI’s mission is to bring auditors out of the traditional cumbersome process and enable them to work wisely and diligently.


Founded in 2022, Headquarters automates financial activities and reports, helping Web3 teams manage finances more responsibly. It allows users to combine their personal and CeFi wallets, thus simplifying the view of all your assets across wallet types, multi-sig wallets, exchanges, and custodians. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.


Tracebooks is a blockchain-based financial management platform that provides startups with a secure, transparent way to manage their accounting data. By leveraging blockchain technology, they ensure a tamper-proof ledger of a startup’s financial transactions that can be viewed in real-time via a user-friendly dashboard. Tracebooks aims to offer a more secure, transparent, and intuitive platform that is an edge above the traditional financial services. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn page.

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