Prominent UAE-based Advertising Startups Shaping Asia’s Marketing Industry

January 2, 2024

Within the dynamic landscape of the advertising industry in the United Arab Emirates, a wave of new startups has emerged in 2020, offering innovation and technological advances. These new players in the market are leveraging the latest trends in areas such as blockchain, social media advertising, SEO, web development, among others, to create more efficient and effective advertising models. To highlight these burgeoning companies, we are presenting a roundup of 2020 startups based in UAE that are making waves in the field of advertising.

Below, we present a selection of startups that have entered the advertising industry, offering unique solutions and services. From a decentralized marketing platform to an AdTech startup focusing on advertising networks in urban cities, these companies are not only meeting the growing demand for digital advertising solutions and services but are also contributing to the transformation of the advertising landscape in the region.

We explore each of these startups in greater detail, providing insights into their operations, industry focus, and the qualities that make them stand out in this competitive market. We’ve also included relevant links for more information and connected platforms for these companies.


Located in Dubai and founded by Sohil Shah, Spreadd is a decentralised marketing platform that leverages blockchain technology. They connect brands with creators, ensuring high-value content and timely payments through multi-layered NFTs. With a range of services including marketing automation and social media advertising, they provide an innovative approach in today’s growing demand for blockchain in marketing initiatives.

Eighty Six Media

Focusing primarily on digital marketing, Eighty Six Media is an Abu Dhabi-based startup that offers services spanning social media management, website development, SEO, and digital branding. With expertise in both English and Arabic languages, Eighty Six Media serves clients worldwide, creating engaging content and ensuring brand consistency across platforms.


Instanorth is a versatile Dubai-based startup operating in the advertising, information technology, service industry, software, and web development sectors. While the company is still making its mark in the industry, its exploration into diverse sectors promises a future of varied and innovative services.

Leap Comms

Another Dubai-based startup, Leap Comms, specialises in content and social media marketing. Though the company has yet to provide comprehensive information on its full scope of services, it is one to watch in the changing landscape of advertising in the UAE.


Co-founded by Jaideep Chatha and based in Dubai, Inevator focuses on creating advertising networks in urban cities through installing their own proprietary projectors in elevators. With potential growth in the MENA region’s urban centers, Inevator is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and outdoor advertising.


Founded by Priyanshu Joshi, NFT Boosts is a marketing agency focusing on NFT promotions. With its claim to be the world’s largest NFT marketing agency, NFT Boosts provides services like SEO, Growth Marketing, and Online Marketing Boosters. They also have their own news website dedicated to NFT, Blockchain, and Metasphere.

Talir Group

As an experienced digital marketing agency based in Dubai, Talir Group offers diverse services such as web development, design, UX, SEO, social media marketing, and more. Their integrative approach to digital services helps businesses grow in today’s competitive landscape.


Co-founded by Alaa Abuyounis and Mohd Al- khaldi, Dolphinuz provides a platform for small and medium enterprises to engage with influencers for marketing purposes. They offer services such as ad campaigns and influencer marketing, maximising the potential of word-of-mouth marketing.

prike media

Prike Media, founded by Nishant Piyush and Utkarsh Piyush, is a full-service marketing agency based in Dubai. They focus on providing a robust range of services including graphic design, branding, public relations, advertising, and more. Prike Media caters to clients seeking a holistic approach to their marketing needs. by Etisalat, powered by Etisalat, is proving itself as a formidable competitor in the UAE’s marketing sector. It offers conventional advertising and marketing services and utilises its strong digital presence to reach its audience effectively.

MasterKey Media

The Dubai-based startup, MasterKey Media, aims to make the world talk about clients’ brands. Co-founded by Ibrahim Assad and Navjyot Gurudatta, the company promises a strategic and comprehensive approach to digital marketing, personal branding, SEO, and social media advertising.

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