New Wave Singapore Startups Revolutionizing the Asian Advertising Industry

January 2, 2024

Singapore, often hailed as Asia’s Silicon Valley, is home to an ever-growing startup ecosystem that has been accelerating in remarkable fashion. In recent years, some of the most innovative and disruptive startups have emerged from the city-state, making strides in various domains, including Advertising. This piece focuses on the group of startups established in 2020 or later that are redefining and pushing boundaries in the Advertising industry while call Singapore their home base.

These startups are breaking new ground by leveraging state-of-the-art technology, offering novel solutions and creating value by addressing key industry challenges. They are characterized by their disruptive nature, innovative solutions, and the significant value they offer to their customers. This group of startups has managed to lay solid foundations and exhibit a promising future that positions them at the forefront of the Advertising industry in Singapore and beyond.

Fasten your seatbelts as we navigate through this exciting array of startups, showcasing their unique solutions and offerings in the many facets of the Advertising field. Here are some of the daring, innovative, and emerging startups in the Advertising domain birthed in Singapore.


Founded by Jatinder Sandhu and Nur Khairah Abdul Rahim, Independents is a Singapore-based startup that brings an innovative approach to the Advertising, AI, and Marketing industry. The company provides services that incorporate creativity, marketing, advertising, branding, technology, AI, and data science. They address their customer inquiries through various means including phone, email, and online applications. Facebook | LinkedIn


Jixie is a performance hub and a one-stop-shop for publishers and media owners. Based in Singapore, the startup utilizes its profound understanding of Asia’s diverse markets to equip publishers with the necessary tools and resources. This way, they can take absolute control of their data. LinkedIn


This startup in the mold of Robert Lai is a fixture in the Advertising, Consulting, Facebook, Google, and Marketing industry in Singapore. With its intriguing and innovative solutions, it is one of the forerunners of the advertising industry in the country. Facebook | LinkedIn

Beer Asia

A vibrant startup initiated by Oliver Woods, Beer Asia sets out to be a leading brand and digital strategy consulting firm for Asia’s beer industry. The firm hinges on community development among the region’s drinkers, content promoting the beverage scene in Asia, and consulting for companies in the F&B sector. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Functioning as an Advertising, Consulting, and Social Media Marketing company, 91Ninjas has been playing a significant role in Singapore’s advertising industry since its inception. The startup is known for its industry-specific solutions and groundbreaking initiatives. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Minty.Art operates at the intersection of Advertising Platforms, Art, and Blockchain, and has already made some appreciable contributions in these fields. The company is respected for its disruptive approach in these domains. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

SDB Agency

Funded by Tiago Martins, SDB Agency specializes in offering services such as UX Design, Technical SEO, and CRO. The Singapore-based growth agency addresses the unique needs of SaaS, FinTech, and iGaming industries with the help of UX Research, UI Design, Conversion Optimization, and Technical SEO. Facebook | LinkedIn\


An emerging power in the Advertising and Digital Media space, SocialFin is known for its innovative and disruptive solutions. The startup is marking its footprints in the Singaporean advertising industry with its distinct approach. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Hatch Dev Asia

Hatch Dev, a real estate digital marketing agency, is committed to empowering property agents with potent digital marketing strategies. The startup offers a full suite of top-notch services, eliminating the need for agents to engage multiple companies to meet their objectives. Facebook | LinkedIn

D’Marketing Agency Pte Ltd

D’Marketing Agency is a leading marketing agency pioneering innovative strategies and solutions that boost the online presence of businesses and fulfill their marketing objectives. The company has positioned itself as the #1 Results Driven Marketing Agency in Singapore. LinkedIn

Paladium Technologies

Paladium champions the socially responsible use of consumer data. They give consumers the chance to monetize their data and help businesses to improve customer acquisition and retention through strong business intelligence. LinkedIn

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