Japan’s Pioneering AgTech Startups: Innovating Asia’s Agricultural Landscape

January 3, 2024

Long Term Industrial Development

Based in Mitaka, Tokyo, Long Term Industrial Development is a startup in the AgTech industry that supports agriculture market with their digital solution called AgriDriver. The platform is a unique online matching service that connects farmers and available drivers for the delivery of agricultural products. AgriDriver aims to streamline the delivery process and ensure fresh agricultural products reach their destinations quickly and efficiently. Follow them on Facebook for more.

Sunlit Seedlings

Sunlit Seedlings, located in Kyoto, Japan, is an AgTech startup offering consulting services and environmental solutions for the agricultural industry. The details about the founders and the exact products or services are not available at the moment.


Operating from Nagoya, Aichi, TOWING is a Japanese startup that intersects several industries – Agriculture, AgTech, Consulting, and Farming. This company contributes to the agricultural sector with various services to boost productivity and profitability. Find out more about TOWING on their Facebook page.


Focused on AgTech and Artificial Intelligence, Skysense offers a range of advanced services including AI for Roofing, AI for Mapping & Drones, and Custom AI development. Found by Justin Clune and based in Yokohama, this startup leverages machine learning to generate valuable business intelligence and optimize various processes. Connect with Skysense on LinkedIn.

Hiro farm

Based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Hiro farm is a progressive AgTech startup operating in the agricultural and farming industry. Details about their founders and the specifics of their offerings are not available at this time. Follow Hiro farm on Facebook to stay updated on their progress.

Toyohashi Biomass Solutions

Operating from Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan, the Toyohashi Biomass Solutions startup works in the AgTech and food and beverage industry providing unique, sustainable solutions. More information about the founders and the specifics of their business model are yet to be revealed.

Torao Inoue Farm

Based in Saku, Nagano, the Torao Inoue Farm operates in the Agriculture and AgTech sector, with a particular focus on fruit farming. Detailed information about their founders and precise farming practices has not been made available yet. Find out more about Torao Inoue Farm on Facebook.


Tokuiten is a Nagoya-based startup delivering sustainable and organic solutions within the Agriculture and AgTech industry. The founders and specifics about their offerings are not publicly disclosed.


Based in Sendai, Miyagi, Genodas is an AgTech startup under the broader industrial sector. Services or products that they offer are yet to be disclosed.


Operating in the Agriculture, AgTech, Farming, and Training industries, Notas is a Tokyo-based startup providing solutions to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the sector. They offer a wide range of services tailored to help farmers adapt to the changing trends in agriculture. Follow them on Facebook and connect on LinkedIn to stay updated on their latest.

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