Japan’s Agri-Tech Trailblazers: Spotlight on New Asian-Based Farming Startups

January 3, 2024

Asia has been referred to as the hub of startups, with countries like Japan becoming a hotbed for inspiring ventures in various industries. Recently, a new wave of startups has been penetrating a traditionally old-fashioned sector—agriculture. Emerging companies leverage technology to enhance productivity, solve land and labor issues, and most importantly create sustainability in the food and farming industry. In this context, we bring to you some of the best startups in Japan that emerged in 2020 or after in the agriculture industry.

Ranging from AgTech to farming and everything in between, these startups are capitalizing on modern technology to cultivate change in the Agriculture market. These startups are stepping away from the traditional approach to farming and stepping into the future with innovative ideas. With a major emphasis on sustainable farming methods, these startups are pioneering the Japanese and global agricultural industry.

Moving forward, we aim to shine the spotlight on these startups that promise to shape the future of agriculture in Japan and possibly the world. Here are some of the finest selections that have fairly recently made their entrance onto the startup stage.

Long Term Industrial Development

With its headquarters nestled in Mitaka, Tokyo, Long Term Industrial Development is an enterprise that combines agriculture, agtech, and apps to better assist the Farmers Market. It operates an online matching service, AgriDriver, designed to ensure delivery orders of farmers’ agricultural products find available drivers.


Operating from Tokyo, Familytree embraces agriculture and the service industry to create a unique blend of products and services. The details associated with their exact services and operations remain undisclosed.


Based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, komham, spearheaded by Suno Nishiyama, is an agriculture startup that straddles biotechnology, environmental consulting, and healthcare. Details about their specific projects and innovations are still under the wrap.


TOWING, located in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, is an enterprise that brings together farming, consulting, and the service industry within the AgTech umbrella. Details about their products and services are yet to be unveiled.


Based in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, DONKEY is an agriculture startup that is making strides in the fields of manufacturing, robotics, and sensor technology. Detailed information about the company’s offerings are presently undisclosed.


Headquartered in Toyohashi, Aichi, Agritrio is a startup concentrating on agriculture, recruitment, and software. Their contribution to the industry is under wraps at the present.

Fukui Prefectural Agricultural Cooperative

Fukui Prefectural Agricultural Cooperative, nestled in Fukui, Japan, is playing its role in revolutionizing farming in the agriculture industry. Specific information about their contribution remains undisclosed.

Fuji-Izu Japan Agricultural Cooperatives

Located in Shizuoka, Japan, Fuji-Izu Japan Agricultural Cooperatives is a startup venturing into content and publishing within the agricultural industry. Detailed operations are still not public.

Hiro farm

Operating out of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Hiro farm is an AgTech startup harnessing the power of technology for better farming practices. Information about their specific projects and services remains undisclosed.


UNERI, stationed in Nagoya, Aichi, works at the crossroads of agriculture, business development, and environmental consulting. Details about their unique contribution are still under wraps.

Urban Greenery

Last but not least, Urban Greenery, operating from Tokyo, brings together agriculture, farming, and healthcare in an exceptional assembly of services. Their specific role in the industry remains undisclosed.

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