Israeli-Headquartered Asian Startups Revolutionizing the Agriculture Industry

January 3, 2024

With the inception of numerous innovative startups in 2020 and beyond, we’re seeing a surge in the application of cutting edge technology in the agricultural sector – especially in Asia. In a region where agriculture plays a significant role in economic development and livelihood, these startups are not only transforming traditional farming practices but also creating a sustainable future. This article will showcase such startups based in the historically rich nation of Israel.

Israel has always been known for its technological innovations and entrepreneurial spirit. The trend continues in the agricultural sector, where Israeli startups are leveraging technology to solve pressing issues, including agro-informatics, remote sensing, pest detection, and more. They’re addressing the challenges of water scarcity, climate change, and sustainable farming, translating into increased crop productivity, reduced environmental impact, and improved agribusiness practices.

Here’s a closer look at these promising Israeli startups.


Founded by Amir Adamov and Guy Morgan, Neolithics employs agriculture, computer vision, and supply chain management techniques to offer innovative solutions. Building on artificial intelligence and deep learning, Neolithics transforms the way farming decisions are made. Find more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Specializing in the farming, storing, trading, and extraction of a comprehensive range of carob fruit, CarobWay is an agricultural startup revolutionizing the fruit industry. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn profile.

BeeFree Agro

Arik Albahari, Dvir Cohen, and Noam Azran co-founded BeeFree Agro, a startup providing a drone-based autonomous herding system that effectively manages large herds across extensive pastures. They bridge the gap between livestock growers and technology to increase yields and productivity. Check them out on LinkedIn for more details.

Vanilla Vida

Vanilla Vida, founded by Raz Krizevski, Shlomy Kadosh, and Yael Oren Zilberman, has developed a new method to solve vanilla supply constraints. They control the entire growing and curing process to guarantee quality. Find out more on their LinkedIn page.


Agmatix is an agro-informatics company that develops data-driven solutions by standardizing agronomic data with unique AI-powered ontologies. Follow their LinkedIn page to stay up to date or follow them on Twitter @agmatixhq.


Developed by Dotan Eshet and Ori Ahiman, Treetoscope is the world’s first commercial device to measure a plant’s internal water flow. Using their patented technology, they aid farmers in dealing with water scarcity and irrigation optimization. Learn more about Treetoscope from their LinkedIn page.


TierraSpec incorporates machine learning and unique remote sensing techniques to measure and validate carbon sequestration in agricultural soils.


Founded in 2021, ClimateCrop focuses on increasing plant yield and biomass with its technologies, fostering more effective carbon and energy storage. Check out their LinkedIn profile for more insight.


DOTS is revolutionizing farming by providing real-time nitrate level monitoring in soil. Stay updated with their advancements by following their LinkedIn page.


ScoutX enables farmers to detect pests and diseases early using AI-driven technology and smart optical sensors. Established in 2021, you can learn more about this startup on their LinkedIn page.


AgChimedes is a life science agricultural startup making significant strides in the industry. Get more insights about them on their LinkedIn page.

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