Indonesian Healthcare Startups: Changing Asia’s Health Landscape from Jakarta

January 30, 2024

With the ongoing global recognition of Jakarta, Indonesia as a potential hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, there’s been a significant rise in healthcare startups. Launched in 2020 or later, these ventures are responding to both local and international health care needs, leveraging tech-based solutions to deliver value in their respective niches. In this article, we explore some of these promising startups in Jakarta in the Health Care Industry.

These companies contribute significant advancements towards addressing health and wellness concerns, focusing on different aspects of the industry like pharmaceutical services, information technology, diagnostics, personal health, fitness, and psychological wellness among others. Welcoming this new wave of healthcare-focused companies that are not only meeting market demand but also positively impacting society in the world’s fourth most populous country.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout health-tech startups making impacts with their innovative services and inspirational growth journeys.

Serving as a digital pharmacy startup, facilitates drug subscription services for chronic patients, enabling clinical consultations on demand and allowing doctors to provide remote services. The company prides itself on a team of qualified pharmacists who offer professional advice to clients dealing with chronic diseases. is also planning to expand into seven more important Indonesian cities. For further information, connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Operating within the sphere of Health Care and Information Technology, BitHealth is using tech-based solutions to address health-related issues effectively. Keep up with BitHealth by connecting with them on LinkedIn.

Jaya Medika Karunia

Targeting the PCR lab equipment niche, Jaya Medika Karunia offers solutions for PCR reagents and other related demands. The company’s services include providing sets of primers for desired target genes or DNA segments amplification, DNA polymerase, specific DNA polymerase buffers, deoxynucleotides, DNA templates, amongst others. Connect on Facebook for more.

Bumame Farmasi

Bumame Farmasi is a participant within the scope of Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Wellness, Check out Bumame Farmasi on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co- founded by Hanun Thalia, Diceritain operates in the Consulting, Health Care, and Personal Health sector. Get more about Diceritain on their LinkedIn page.


Find NeoClinic on Facebook and LinkedIn. NeoClinic operates within Fitness, Health Care, and Wellness industries.

With a vision to provide the much-needed avenue for adults and young adults in Indonesia to discuss their deep, complex life problems, provides an online counseling platform. The platform connects users with professional psychologists via private phone or video call. Learn more about on their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Bernardus Sandi, dr. Dirga Sakti Rambe, M.Sc, Sp.PD, and Ryan Ricardo, imuni operates within the Health Care, Home Health Care, Medical, mHealth, and Mobile Apps realms. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

IFG Life

In the Health Care, Health Insurance, Insurance, and Life Insurance niches, IFG Life stands out. Connect with IFG Life on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Ditto AS and Vincentius Dito Krista Holanda, Sirka is a digital care program focusing on chronic disease prevention and weight management. Offering unlimited chat consultations with professionals and personalized recommendations, the platform aids users in adopting new habits. Follow Sirka on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ami offers a human-centric mental wellness platform that provides employees with one-click mental health coaching by connecting them with relevant coaches. Connect with Ami on LinkedIn.

These startups, though recent, are revolutionizing the health-tech industry in Jakarta, Indonesia with their innovative solutions and exemplary growth. Their impact is deepening trust in the future of healthcare in Jakarta and inspiring other tech-based health startups in Jakarta and beyond.

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