Highlighting Mumbai’s Innovative Marketing Startups Making Waves Across Asia

January 30, 2024

The Asian startup ecosystem has shown immense growth over the last few years. India’s entrepreneurial scene, especially in cities like Mumbai, is vibrant and diverse with many startups showing potential for becoming global players. These emerging businesses are not merely restricted to the tech industry, but stretch across multiple sectors including marketing, advertising, health, and wellness. This piece specifically highlights some promising startups that were established post the year 2020 in the marketing industry, based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra, providing innovative solutions, and shaking up the sector with their unique offerings.

The city of Mumbai – the financial capital of India, has been a bustling hub for entrepreneurship for several decades. The emergence of new businesses in recent years, which focus on offering unique products or services that cater to specific niches, is an exciting development in the city’s business landscape. In this article, we highlight Mumbai based startups that have been founded in the marketing space post 2020, offering a detailed look at what they’re doing to shape the industry.

For each of these firms, we will discuss their founders, the industries they cater to, and the innovative products or services they offer. Note that all company names are direct hyperlinks to their respective websites, allowing you to dive deeper into their entrepreneurial journey.


Founded by Aman Khanna, Gautam Mehra, and Vivek Bhargava, ProfitWheel is a marketing intelligence platform that leverages customer data to enhance digital advertising and acquire profitable clients. The startup thrives on creating cutting-edge solutions for the direct-to-consumer world

The Cube Club

Operating within the wellness industry, The Cube Club offers its customers premium home gym equipment. Their collection includes adjustable dumbbells, pull-up bars, and more meant to facilitate effective workouts at home.

CloudMojo Tech

Founded by A. Parvez Banatwala, CloudMojo Tech offers solutions not only for IT and marketing but also HR, internal communication, legal, and compliance, making it a versatile player in the space.

Scroll & Tap Media Solutions

Scroll & Tap Media Solutions is a Mumbai-based startup that operates within the advertising and digital marketing sectors.


Opportune is a data-driven startup that caters to the marketing industry. They offer an innovative influencer marketing platform that makes use of vast data to provide superior solutions.

Prolyft Digital

Helmed by Durgesh Roy and Hitesh Gunwani, Prolyft Digital is a dynamic marketing agency that offers a range of services across SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and video marketing. They focus on delivering results-driven strategies and winning solutions that help businesses reach their customers effectively.

My Website Bazaar

My Website Bazaar is a startup that operates within the realm of digital marketing, social media marketing, and web design.

Sevenapex Ventures

Operating within a range of sectors – from advertising, digital marketing to social media marketing, and web design, Sevenapex Ventures has built a strong foundation in Mumbai’s startup scene.

Connect Network

Connect Network specializes in offering comprehensive marketing solutions spanning creative, media, digital, out-of-home content, experiential content, and even more sophisticated technical disciplines.


iLoopWorld is a startup focusing on digital marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. Their strategies help businesses to revamp their online presence and reach a wider audience.

No-BS Growth

No-BS Growth caters to startups requiring cost-effective growth and marketing services. They offer intelligent tools and human professionals to help early-stage firms overcome technology barriers and efficiently manage growth.


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