Exploring Tokyo’s Innovative Industrial Startups: Unearthing Asia’s Manufacturing Pioneers

January 30, 2024

Asia’s startup ecosystem is vibrant and ever-evolving, boasting innovation and excellence across a vast array of sectors. In the heart of this thriving landscape, the industrial sector in Tokyo, Japan stands out with its numerous cutting-edge startups. These dynamic companies, all founded in 2020 or later, are set to revolutionize the industrial industry with their groundbreaking solutions. Here, we take a deeper look into seven impressive Tokyo-based, industrial startups that are making a name for themselves just after their inception.

The city’s burgeoning industrial sector is home to a wide range of startups that span various subsectors such as Industrial Automation, Automotive Manufacturing, Lighting, Food Processing, among others. These companies are injecting new life into Tokyo’s industrial industry with their disruptive technologies and innovative business approaches.

Furthermore, these companies are not just leading the charge in industry innovation, but are also demonstrating a phenomenal resilience amid the challenging situation triggered by the global pandemic. Let’s meet these game-changers that are poised to shape the future of the industry:

Tokyo Factory

Located in Tokyo, Tokyo Factory specializes in the converging fields of Industrial Automation and Manufacturing. The firm is led by the visionary entrepreneur, Minoru Ike. Their innovative solutions are set to create a significant impact in the wider industrial sector.


Another notable entrant in the industrial automation space is NEWJI. This Tokyo-based startup, a pioneer in Information Technology and Manufacturing solutions, is set to redefine service industry protocols.

Hitachi Astemo

Hitachi Astemo is a multi-industry company headquartered in Tokyo. They specialize in Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Transportation. Their comprehensive solutions are designed to deal with a wide range of societal issues, offering new possibilities for mobility.

Seven Six

Seven Six is an innovative startup that operates within the Industrial, Lighting, Manufacturing, Sensor, and Supply Chain Management sectors. With their unique approach and insightful innovations, they’re set to reshape their segment in remarkable ways.

Sen Yin Technologies

Another notable Tokyo startup specializing in the Electronics, Industrial, and Manufacturing sector is Sen Yin Technologies. The company is on the verge of generating significant industry buzz with their innovative solutions.

Amos Koki

Headquartered in Tokyo, Amos Koki operates within the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Product Design sector. This dynamic startup is certainly one to watch as they continue to develop top-tier industry solutions.


UBeing, a Tokyo-based startup in the Food Processing, Industrial, and Manufacturing sector, exemplifies the engaging blend of creativity and practicality present in Tokyo’s industrial startup scene.

These seven startups are but a slice of Tokyo’s thriving industrial startup ecosystem. As they continue to grow and innovate, they’ll undoubtedly create profound impacts on their respective domains. Tokyo’s position as a hub for industry-related startups not only illustrates the city’s technological prowess but also portends an exciting future for the industrial sector in the whole Asia.

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