Exploring Tamil Nadu’s Innovations in the Asian Advertising Startup Scene

January 3, 2024

As Tamil Nadu continues to grow into a hub for creativity and technological innovation, it is no surprise that many emerging startups within the advertising industry are calling this region their home. Many young companies are harnessing the potential that the digital realm offers and are transforming the advertising landscape not only within their borders but also across the globe. Truly, the new wave of startups is redefining the advertising scene in India, using groundbreaking solutions that utilize modern technology to their advantage. More importantly, they are making a significant impact on their respective industries.

Since 2020, Tamil Nadu’s fresh slew of Advertising startups has created numerous opportunities for businesses to prosper on different levels. From sophisticated tech firms shedding light on UX/UI designing and development to media solutions providers that explore digital marketing avenues, these startups are going great guns, proving that the Advertising industry in the region has a promising future ahead. Let us then shine the spotlight on these startups and the unique value proposition they bring to the table.

What makes these startups stand out from the crowd? Aside from their dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation just to offer the best of services to their clients, these young companies also exhibit a firm grasp of modern technologies and platforms. This deep understanding of contemporary advertising techniques enables them to create highly effective solutions that rouse the interest of the modern-day consumer.

The Alien – UI UX Agency

Based in Chennai, The Alien – UI UX Agency led by founder Kavin K., is a digital studio that specializes in multiple areas, including UX/UI Design, Branding, Development, and Digital Marketing. This startup is known for creating meaningful experiences to ensure the development of delightful products.

Next Advertising Solutions

Next Advertising Solutions serves as an outdoor advertising service based in Chennai. Specializing in OOH and DOOH media, this startup offers different forms of street furniture media located in prime positions.


SubmitINme.Net, founded by Gunaseelan Nadar and operating from Nagercoil, is a Digital Marketing service provider. Offering services like Local SEO, Googled SEO, Social Media & Ecommerce SEO, the company has established a good reputation in providing transparent, effective and proven internet marketing solutions and services.


Located in Trichy, Digitz is a startup specializing in digital marketing and web design services. They provide comprehensive services including digital strategy, branding, local marketing, digital advertising to WordPress theme development and more.

SBS Digitek

SBS Digitek, based in Chennai, provides a range of digital marketing services designed to boost customer businesses online. The startup’s range of services includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, online reputation management, branding and advertising.

Key Light Studios

Vellore-based Key Light Studios is an innovative startup that offers a unique combination of services such as studio hire, photography courses, and corporate ads. They showcase talent by providing photo and video shoots for industries, corporates, products, models, and commercials.

Good GrowthIN

Housed in Chennai, Good GrowthIN operates within the advertising, business development, and marketing industries, providing startups and established companies alike with tailored solutions for their marketing needs.

Best Ad Agency

Located in Nungambakkam, Best Ad Agency offers comprehensive services ranging from advertising and digital marketing to mobile apps and web development. They leverage modern technologies to deliver effective and efficient services that meet their clients’ varying needs.


The Coimbatore-based startup MediaYatra combines traditional advertising and digital marketing, offering a unique and powerful set of solutions. Entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses can rely on them to effectively increase marketing efforts.

NounQ Tehnologies

Based in Madurai, NounQ is regarded as one of the top Digital Marketing Companies in India. They offer online marketing services such as Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Marketing, Local SEO, Email Marketing Services, Content marketing, Pay Per Click, Online Reputation Management, and Analytics/Reporting Services.

Wizi Technology Services Private Limited

Led by entrepreneur Sutharsan Murugan, Wizi Technology Services Private Limited is a full-service digital marketing agency nested in Nagercoil. They have a proven track record in increasing search engine rankings, developing effective content strategies for forward-thinking companies.

These vibrant startups showcase the scope of the evolving Advertising industry in Tamil Nadu. With their vast range of services and innovative approaches, they truly represent the region’s tech startup whereabouts, paving the way for a promising future.

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