Exploring Singapore’s Emerging Accounting Startups Shaping Asia’s Financial Landscape

January 4, 2024

Asia has been rapidly gaining momentum as a hub for innovative startups in various sectors. One limitedly explored territory, however, has been the intersection of startups within the accounting industry. Given the digital revolution and the demand for online business solutions, the market is ripe for innovative businesses that can tap into it. Today, we celebrate some of the trailblazers of Singapore who have not only recognized this opportunity but have also come forward to exploit it. The startups highlighted are all founded in 2020 or shortly thereafter, making them the freshest brains in the industry.

These startups have combined traditional accounting services with advanced technology, to create uniquely efficient and effective platforms and networks. They cater to a broad spectrum of clientele, ranging from individual entrepreneurs and small businesses to larger corporate firms and multinational companies. The flexible offerings, convenience, and cost-effectiveness they provide has managed to turn the accounting processes from a chore to a breeze for their customers.

Even though each of these startups showcases a different value proposition and approach, they all share a common goal – to revolutionize the way accounting is done in Asia. They have done so by leveraging advanced information technology and pushing the boundaries of what is usually expected in the industry. Take a journey through the offerings of these 6 startups to get an idea of their contributions to the Singaporean accounting landscape.


Founded by Han Verstraete, Starboard is an IT entity known for its accounting, compliance, tax, and business advisory services. Besides its broad range of services, its unique selling proposition entails providing customers with an exclusive client management dashboard, which amalgamates all communications and jobs into a single location. This, together with their automation tools, promises to help entrepreneurs with corporate, regulatory, and monetary issues related to international business operations.


Metier was founded with the objective of offering financial and secretarial solutions for startups, SMEs, and boutique companies. Known for their tailored, cost-effective solutions, their clients can conveniently make inquiries through email. Beyond their reliable services, their client-centric approach allows them to cater to the specific needs of each client in an efficient manner.


FidCorp is another leading name in the industry. Providing services spanning across the accounting, advice, financial services, and professional services sectors, FidCorp is well-known for its comprehensive business offerings and the high standard of professionalism it brings to the table.


WIDI, a software company founded by Larry Cheng and Louis Leung, is known for its cloud-based audit workflow management software. They offer an efficient tool that liberates auditors from tedious manual works, an up-to-standard compliance workflow for industry benchmark, a user-friendly environment for new joiners, and a value-for-money productivity tool. Overall, WIDI‘s vision is to allow auditors to work wisely and diligently, hence the name.


Headquarters, established in 2022, automates financial activities and reporting. The aim is to help Web3 teams be responsible through simplifying the consolidation of diverse cash sources in a centralized place across wallet types, multi-sig wallets, exchanges, and custodians. Its application of blockchain technology to financial transactions speaks volumes about its commitment to innovation.


Founded in 2023, Tracebooks is a blockchain-based financial management platform that offers startups a secure and transparent way to publish and share their accounting details. By creating a tamper-proof ledger of startups’ financial transactions, startups can provide real-time access to their financial data through a user-friendly dashboard. This level of transparency is useful to potential investors, making Tracebooks a unique player in the financial management and accounting software sector.

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