Exploring Punjab’s Visionary Advertising Startups Making Waves Across Asia

January 3, 2024

Punjab, spread across both India and Pakistan, is well-known for its diversity, dynamic culture, and its increasing tech-forward landscape. In particular, the growth of startups in Punjab has been noteworthy with companies sprouting up across the board in different sectors. This article will focus on the innovation and creativity leveraged by startups in the advertising industry – a sector that constantly evolves out of necessity. Regardless of the domain, businesses depend greatly on advertising to create their brand identity and communicate their values and these startups are creating waves in the global advertising ecosystem that are just too big to be ignored.

Despite the unprecedented challenges 2020 has presented, a handful of young and zealous tech startups have shone through the storm. These startups, equipped with fresh perspectives and breaking away from traditional approaches, are transforming the advertising industry with innovative methods and fresh ideas. The essence of advertising campaigns has taken a massive leap from traditional media to digital platforms, expanding the horizons of advertising. The use of data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence has revamped the way advertisers appeal to their target audience, leading to more personalized and customer-centric campaigns.

This article will shine a spotlight on these new entrants to the advertising industry in Punjab. These startups are not only boosting regional economic growth but are also creating noteworthy strides in a globally competitive market.

Xtreme Digital

Founded by Himanshu Choudhary, Xtreme Digital is a unique blend of a creative agency and a management consulting firm based in Mohali, Punjab, India. With
an innovative approach to content promotion and production, this startup combines digital, television, radio, and internet platforms to offer comprehensive, 360-degree solutions in entertainment, music, and advertising. Establishing itself as a leading brand in a relatively short span, Xtreme Digital continues to revolutionize the industry with its unconventional strategies.


Operating out of Lahore, Punjab, R-ACT is a multifunctional agency offering services in advertising, consulting, digital marketing, and social media marketing. While details about its founders and a detailed company description are not available, R-ACT remains a significant player in the advertising sphere, working passionately to redefine advertising paradigms.


Founded by Saifullah Alam, Breaking-Ad is based in Lahore, Pakistan and aims to revolutionize outdoor advertising using digital technology. Breaking-Ad enables brands to run their PR campaigns on LED screens mounted on top of ride-hailing services. Drawing inspiration from cities like New York, London, and Dubai, the startup is setting new standards with its disruptive approach to advertising.


Established by Rameesha Moghees, Yopals operates out of Lahore, Pakistan. The startup aims to connect local businesses with the public through its crowd-sourced review platform. Its ambitious goal of digitizing over three million SMEs shows its commitment towards harnessing digital technology to transform advertising.

Upway Digital

Upway Digital, a digital agency based in Jalandhar, Punjab, India was initiated by Nandan Sharma and Saurav Maurya. Offering marketing, branding, strategy and creative services, their aim is to deliver outstanding branding along with insightful strategy to clients.


Based in Lahore, Pakistan, Deveolutions is a client-oriented digital development company that specializes in web development, eCommerce development, graphic designing, customer support, and digital marketing. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, they provide quality solutions in a timely fashion.

Thepssaini Services

Thepssaini Services, founded by Parkashjit Singh, is a digital marketing agency based in Mohali, Punjab, India. They provide a wide range of services from YouTube Artist Channel, music distribution on top music streaming platforms, to releasing PR articles on high authority news websites, and more.

SerpSol Technologies

As a growing Pakistani company, SerpSol Technologies covers small and large businesses all over the world. They specialize in endorsing goods, services, and brands, providing information about brands through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.


MyTechRegion based in Ludhiana, Punjab, India offers a variety of services including website design, web development, eCommerce, mobile app development, software development, and digital marketing. They empower businesses with expert web developers and marketing team, information, and tools to achieve substantial growth.


Founded by Anubhav Aggarwal and based in Jalandhar, Punjab, India, BlockTing provides blockchain product, blockchain ecosystem, and digital marketing services. They also offer content marketing, blockchain advertisements, growth hacking, and influencer marketing services.

Uplift Source

Uplift Source, based in Lahore, Pakistan offers myriad services including advertising, digital marketing, SEO, web development, and web hosting. Detailed information about the founders and company description are not available, however, Uplift Source appears to be a growing player in the digital marketing and advertising space.

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